Dialpad and Google Join Forces to End Stranglehold of Enterprise Agreements, Bring Cloud-based Agility to Mid-Market Sized Businesses

Dialpad's Modern Business Communications Enables Google's Customers to Adopt a Complete Ecosystem for Cloud-based Productivity and Collaboration, Including Voice and Messaging

SAN FRANCISCO - April 26, 2016 - Dialpad, a leader in Modern Business Communications, today announced it is joining Google for Work in helping companies of all sizes accelerate their transition to the cloud — freeing them from the stranglehold of their existing enterprise agreements. The program, first offered during the fall of 2015, is now available to companies between 100 (previously 250) and 3,000 employees. Through the program, companies can save up to 70 percent on their productivity and communications tools by switching to Google Apps for Work.

The foundation of Modern Business Communications is connecting employees, no matter where they are or what device they want to use, but standard enterprise agreements are holding companies back from deploying the solutions they need to achieve this. The combination of Google Apps for Work for productivity and Dialpad for voice, messaging and conferencing creates the foundation for a complete cloud-based solution that easily connects any workforce. Everyone. Anywhere.

"Modern Business Communications can dramatically increase collaboration, communication, and work efficiency, but old-world telecommunications and on-premise enterprise agreements have held many companies back from shifting to the cloud," said Craig Walker, CEO at Dialpad. "At Dialpad, we have always believed in fair and transparent pricing, and our relationship with Google creates an amazing opportunity to help companies do right by their employees by quickly and cost-effectively shifting to the best solution for their increasingly diverse and distributed teams. With Dialpad, admins can easily spin up 10 or 10,000 users anywhere in the world over lunch. That's the extraordinary beauty of the cloud. And now, with this program, companies will no longer be trapped in their antiquated communications systems just because their contract has yet to expire."

Enterprise agreements, which favor vendors, not their customers and users, are preventing IT from moving quickly to support the needs of modern workers, who are increasingly mobile and working from remote locations – and are seldom tied to a desk phone. Supporting these workers to be productive wherever they are on every device with a cloud strategy is the obvious next step that every company should deploy. But when onerous, long term, enterprise agreements delay adoption, employees act on their own, often using their favorite consumer applications, such as Gmail or Google Docs, and leaving IT out of the loop. Google for Work and Dialpad are committed to helping these companies easily and cost-effectively move to subscription-based cloud solutions that provide any worker, anywhere with access to the same full suite of productivity and communications capabilities available at HQ.

Modern Business Communications

Modern Business Communications (MBC) is based on a pure, born-in-the-cloud communications strategy that puts mobility, consumer-like usability, and native productivity suite integration at the forefront. MBC fosters engagement and more meaningful customer and workplace relationships by enabling individuals to work from anywhere and connect using voice, messaging, chat, conferencing, and video, with their device of choice.

MBC will dominate the future of cloud communications, providing employees with the capabilities they need while also cutting costs. MBC will also make life dramatically simpler for IT, featuring native integration with Google Apps Admin, Single Sign On, Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Directory, Calendar and more. An MBC system must be simple enough to allow anyone to administer an office, department or company, instantly adding or deleting users anywhere in the world in seconds. Built on the WebRTC foundation, MBC provides a global enterprise-grade communications network for every size company.

When combined with Google Apps for Work, MBC creates the foundation for a complete communications and productivity environment, where everyone in a distributed enterprise can collaborate seamlessly in real time.

"Pure cloud solutions are transforming every industry, including voice communications, which has now escaped the bonds of the desk phone," said Morgan Norman, Vice President of Marketing at Dialpad. "Voice is now about native integrations with the other tools and platforms that innovative companies use today, and Modern Business Communications is all about helping companies maximize their cloud investments by empowering their teams to connect, collaborate and produce more efficiently. Dialpad will continue to define the limits of MBC, and our relationship with Google is a critical element in how we are transforming the digital workplace."

About the Google and Dialpad Offer

With Google's program, customers can save up to 70 percent on their productivity and communication costs by switching from their current enterprise agreement to Google Apps for Work. For more information on the offer, visit the Google Apps for Work website. For more information on Dialpad, visit the Dialpad website.


Dialpad is communications for the modern workplace. Available on any device, anywhere, Dialpad includes voice, video, group messaging, SMS, MMS, conferencing, screen sharing, and document sharing, and is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. Dialpad customers include 60 percent of the Fortune 500, high-growth enterprises and forward thinking organizations including Motorola Solutions, ClassPass, Warby Parker, Vivint and Hillary Clinton. Formerly known as Switch.co, Dialpad is funded by Amasia, Andreessen Horowitz, Felicis Ventures, GV (formerly Google Ventures), Softbank and Work-Bench. For more information, visit dialpad.com and follow @DialpadHQ on Twitter.

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