Transparency Report 2022

Dialpad’s stewardship of customer data is driven by our corporate value of “Do the Right Thing”. This means acting with integrity and abiding by policies and procedures that treat customer data and privacy with care.

The objective of this report is to summarize the volume and character of government requests for information received by Dialpad in the preceding year (January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022) and how Dialpad responded.

How many requests for user information did Dialpad receive?

Dialpad received 45 government data requests in 2022.

What type of government requests did Dialpad receive?

Of those requests, 36 were subpoenas, 4 were search warrants, 3 were pen/trap requests, and 2 were requests in non-standard formats.

Which countries issued government requests for information to Dialpad?

44 government requests originated in the United States and 1 originated in Canada.

How did Dialpad respond?

Of the 45 requests received this year:

8 were withdrawn by the requesting agency based on Dialpad’s customer notification policy.

13 were denied because they did not meet legal review standards (such as valid legal basis, applicability to Dialpad, particularity, scope, and effective date).

For the remaining 24 government requests, 13 included non-disclosure orders and 11 did not, in which cases Dialpad notified the affected customers prior to providing data to the requesting agency.

Total Number of Requests Received in 202245
Withdrawn Based on Notification Policy8
Denied Based on Legal Review13
Data Provided24