Dialpad Total Economic Impact (TEI)

How much can a new platform really change the way your business communicates while making a truly significant impact to your bottom line? The answer to this question isn’t always straight-forward, and the lack of measurable data can often leave customers wondering whether they made the right choice.

We have heard many of our Dialpad Talk customers report on how they’ve drastically improved the way they communicate, both internally as well as externally, by embracing modern communications with a phone system that was built for today’s workforce - across any device, from any location, integrated into the apps they’re already using every day, and really easy to deploy.

We’ve also seen firsthand how Dialpad Support has helped Call Center teams deliver better customer experiences through better agent coaching, shorter ramp-up times for new agents, and deeper insights into customer conversations.

However, data speaks louder than words, so our next step was to get solid, measurable metrics that show just how much Dialpad has truly helped organizations reduce deployment and ramp-up times, improve workflows, and significantly reduce spendings.

To help answer that question, we commissioned a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting to assess the potential ROI enterprises can experience by deploying Dialpad within their organizations. For this study, Forrester interviewed one of our Enterprise customers who retired their legacy PBX system and deployed Dialpad Talk across their organization, and Dialpad Support within their call center teams.

This organization experienced benefits of $2.4M over three years versus a cost of $808,282, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.6M and an ROI of 202%. They were also able to greatly improve scalability and reliability, increase both customer and employee satisfaction, and see measurable changes in productivity, coaching and management.

Here are some of the key quantified benefits:

Dialpad Total Economic Impact Infographic