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Revenue intelligence

Revenue intelligence is the science behind knowing your customers—a tool that empowers you to sell more, sell smarter, and access data automatically through analytics. Dialpad Ai can help with that. Book a product tour today to learn how!


Through revenue intelligence software, companies can maximize sales and reap the benefits for an effective go-to-market strategy across channels. This use of AI in sales improves the conversations taking place about your business, so you can make informed decisions.

What is revenue intelligence?

Revenue intelligence lets you access real-time information on customer interactions, collecting data that analyzes these conversations and produces forecasts and predictions for potential buyers and business opportunities.

For growing businesses, this is crucial. As the potential customer pool expands, keeping up with sales channels across business representatives and managers can be challenging. But how does revenue intelligence work?

Revenue intelligence software has three core functions through conversation intelligence (which analyzes and collects every interaction taking place during meetings or calls): analysis, prediction, and measurement. This presents a genuine opportunity to transform data into actionable insights. In other words, to take data and turn it into deliverables for desired results, sooner.

What is the importance of revenue intelligence?

That being said, revenue intelligence is not only beneficial to large companies; this is where its importance lies. Making informed business decisions and centralizing information are central parts of any innovative business. The best business intelligence software unifies communications so that everyone can stay informed.

The benefits stem from this unified communication: from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and communications. Now, analytics have become more integrated into communication platforms and are not merely add-ons to other CRM software. This allows companies continuous access to their data, primarily by streamlining it through intricate technology, such as Dialpad Ai.

Dialpad Ai: Revenue intelligence software features and more

Dialpad is an exemplary case of revenue intelligence software because of its standout conversational intelligence technology, complemented by an AI sales assistant and sales analytics. And all of it’s easily accessible from one intuitive, unified platform.

With Dialpad, every conversation matters: our in-house-developed AI software ensures that artificial intelligence is tailor-made to fit business needs. To put it plainly, if it adds value to a company, our Ai is likely to be the reason behind it.

What makes this platform stand out?

Screenshot of Dialpad's live call interface with real time transcription running

Accurate real-time transcriptions

Informative data from accurate transcriptions feeds into all other types of insights that Dialpad Ai collects. Accessing extremely accurate transcriptions is where it all begins to improve suggestions and call insights.

Screenshot of Dialpad's call analytics dashboard

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics features lead to more accurate predictions and forecasting, as well as improved progress indicators and sales metrics. It's now easier to understand what went wrong and what went right during a call.

Screenshot of Dialpad's sentiment analysis interface displaying the sentiment of live calls

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis answers a tough question: how is this person feeling? You can now track emotions, from interest to annoyance, based on voice.

Dialpad's Ai Agent Assist analytics dashboard

Conversation intelligence

This application of AI lets you track what happened during a call and find answers at scale for average performance, response times, and pitching.

Screenshot of Dialpad and Salesforce integration

Native CRM integrations

Thanks to native CRM integrations, the data is centralized and distributed equally across departments and people. This makes it easy to make decisions on the go (in a challenging cold call, for example).

Possible uses of revenue intelligence

There are several practical applications for revenue intelligence, thanks to the information it makes visible. The ultimate goal is to track the revenue cycle, but achieving this requires selecting a revenue intelligence platform aligned with your objectives—some examples, below.

To enable more accurate sales forecasting

With Dialpad Ai’s revenue intelligence software, sales forecasting becomes possible whenever there is data available. This means being able to predict who you'll sell to in the future (for instance, based on prior interest in a product) and assess the likelihood of a new sale occurring, allowing you to effectively track the revenue cycle.

To streamline sales processes and the pipeline overall

Businesses that fail to make data-driven decisions through revenue analysis are missing out on a crucial aspect of their pipeline. Tedious data-entry tasks often result in lost revenue, but by saving time on repetitive tasks, your team can focus on what they do best: selling to customers.

To better direct sales coaching

Gain access to call content, whether exemplary or not. Enhance conversation quality and reduce bias. This empowers you to train your business development team effectively, ensuring a continuous and sustainable sales coaching environment based on real-world scenarios.

Revenue intelligence provides continuous insights because data never sleeps and sustainable tracking of progress leading up to a sale, regardless of team size.

Leverage the power of revenue intelligence with Dialpad Ai

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