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The Impact of AI in 2024-25: How to Transform Customer Intelligence and Grow Lifetime Value

Learn how to leverage AI to answer the right questions, empower agents, and drive business growth in a single, unified platform. Discover real-world AI success stories and easy steps to transform your customer experience.


In today’s hypercompetitive landscape, it is not enough to answer basic questions and provide reliable customer service. Success hinges on answering the right questions before connecting to agents and then empowering agents to deliver the kind of highly personalized engagement that drives revenue and fosters lasting customer loyalty with the right tools and right content surfaced at the right time.

What does it take to achieve this culture of empowerment? How can you truly elevate customer connections and grow lifetime value? The answer is by leveraging AI to transform your intelligence framework.

Though immensely valuable, this transformation does not have to be difficult. This webinar will reveal easy steps for embarking on this transformation and how to connect people, simplify workflows, and drive business growth, with a single unified customer intelligence platform, powered by Ai at its core.

Topics include:

Unlock AI readiness & elevate customer intelligence (2024 standards).

Empower agents with data & coaching to build stronger relationships.

Go beyond service: Sales & collaboration with a unified AI platform.

See real-world results: Dialpad's AI in action.



Fabrice Della Mea

Sr. Director Product Management

Brian Cantor CCW

Brian Cantor

Managing Director, Digital