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See how RealtyNinja handles 37% more support calls

Realty Ninja customer story

Casimir Loeber grew up in the early days of the Internet. Even as a kid, he demonstrated his mastery of technology and entrepreneurial spirit by printing and selling online celebrity pictures to his classmates. During high school, the stage was set for RealtyNinja when he and his friend Ramin Sabour (who’d be his future co-founder) were hired to build a website for their martial arts instructor (leading to the “ninja” name their company would carry).

Today, they run “the Squarespace for real estate agents.” Fun fact: One of the biggest challenges for real estate agents is juggling all their day-to-day work like open houses and keeping up with clients—who has time to worry about their website?

That’s where RealtyNinja comes in. Their software is designed to do exactly that: make it easy for real estate agents in Canada to build and maintain beautiful websites for their real estate careers.

RealtyNinja’s team values an environment “where people can do their best work without being micromanaged.” As Casimir puts it: “We keep work as low-friction as possible.” (Which makes them a perfect fit for Dialpad. But more on that later.)

But the business phone system they were using (considered a “leader” and a Goliath in the industry) kept dropping calls, had awful call quality, and provided customer support that was, well, less than supportive. There was only one word to describe it. “Brutal,” says Casimir. “It was so complicated and buggy that we dreaded using it.”

Another challenge that came up in RealtyNinja’s search? The fact that the business is located in Canada. “There weren’t many good alternatives for us, especially being Canadian,” says Casimir. “I remember coming across a few options, but they didn’t have good service in Canada. Then we came across Dialpad.

A shining example of awesomeness—before we even used it.

Casimir Loeber

When Casimir began looking into Dialpad, it was a breath of fresh air. “Just the experience—the customer support, the documentation—was a stark difference from dealing with our last provider.”

All before they’d made their first call.

“Dialpad was like a shining example of awesomeness before we even used it,” Casimir recounts.

Call quality that holds up—around the world

RealtyNinja uses Dialpad for all their customer support, from answering incoming calls to outbound sales calls. So it’s vital that each call comes through clearly and doesn’t drop, no matter how good—or bad—the connection may be.

And with team members in not only Canada but also the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico, they needed a good communications platform to keep everyone connected.

Our team is all over the world, so we all have different Internet connections. We’ve found that Dialpad is really good at dealing with that—it keeps the call quality stable even when our connection is poor.

Casimir Loeber

And during those calls, RealtyNinja’s agents have Dialpad’s voice-powered artificial intelligence backing them up. It can automatically transcribe their calls, take note of action items, and even assist the agents in real-time—all things that make the agents’ lives easier and leave clients more satisfied.

And because Dialpad handles all the updates and maintenance, RealtyNinja’s team gets to focus on talking to clients.

For a small company, support is really important, because the more we can offload, the better. We’ve only got so much we can think about with a small team.

Casimir Loeber

The result? Now RealtyNinja’s phone support team can handle 37 percent more calls than they did before Dialpad—all without even needing to add another phone agent.

The Dialpad technology, app and user interface are so well done that they make our lives much easier. Plus the app doesn't randomly crash like the old provider did.

Casimir Loeber

RealtyNinja is a company that prides itself on great client service. And ever since they switched to Dialpad, connectivity has been strong, call quality has been up, and clients have never been happier. And you know what? Neither have RealtyNinja’s agents.

“We made the switch and haven’t looked back. Dialpad is just a better company with better tech.”

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