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How CarGurus saves 5 hours per agent per week with Dialpad Ai

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If you’ve ever bought a vehicle before, you’re probably familiar with how overwhelming that process can be—from dealing with salespeople who are focused on making a commission, to wondering if the prices you’re quoted are fair.

Enter CarGurus, a company focused on building a more efficient and more enjoyable way of shopping and owning cars. With a technology-backed platform, advanced search algorithms, and innovative data analytics, CarGurus offers car shoppers a transparent way to shop for cars, with options to make vehicle purchase decisions easily and reliably.

To do that, they needed a communications platform that connected them with not only their customers, but also their teammates.

As a former reseller of Dialpad for small and medium businesses, CarGurus’ Senior IT Voice Engineer, Conor Queenan knew exactly where to look when the team was in the market for a new solution.

“We noticed how technology-driven Dialpad is”

Although there wasn’t a pressing reason why CarGurus decided it was time to look for a new communications platform, the team noticed that Dialpad’s platform would be able to support CarGurus’ technology-backed platform and services.

“We noticed how technology-driven Dialpad is and how state-of-the-art your services are, with the live call transcriptions and Dialpad Ai,” says Conor. “We also love that Dialpad works very closely with Google and Salesforce, as we rely heavily on our Google Workspace apps.”

Empowering agents in real time with Dialpad Ai

That decision has already started paying off, even if it’s only been a few months of leveraging Dialpad, especially when it comes to helping CarGurus’ agents feel more confident and satisfied with their work.

For call center agents who have to constantly deal with customer complaints, it’s not easy taking up to 10 calls per hour every day. “We don’t want to wear out agents by overworking them with the same thing every day,” says Conor.

That’s where Dialpad’s call center transcription feature comes in. “Live transcriptions help agents focus more on the call because they don’t have to frantically type notes at the same time. Transcriptions also empower agents to think a little bit more particularly about how they want to approach each call. The transcripts give them all the keys to prepare for calls successfully, which helps them continue to do their job and stay happy doing that.”

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

“We estimate that thanks to Dialpad’s transcriptions, our agents are more likely to stay in their jobs,” says Conor.

Not only do live transcriptions give agents more confidence and control over their jobs with self-learning, but they also help supervisors train agents more easily. “Agents can better learn what worked and what did not work by reviewing the transcripts,” says Conor. “Managers can also see what they’re talking about with customers, and can easily go back and use the transcript as a training tool to teach agents what they can do better next time.”

The live transcriptions also highlight any action items agents need to complete after the call. “With the information right in front of them during and after the call, agents can schedule a follow-up call right away,” says Conor.

Meeting clients where they are with Dialpad + Salesforce integration

The Dialpad + Salesforce integration was another huge driver for selecting Dialpad as CarGurus’ new communications platform. It allowed CarGurus’ IVR system to be integrated with Salesforce, which saves the team from having to manually input data into multiple places. “People can call, text, or email us, and everything’s logged right into Salesforce,” says Conor.

What’s more, with Salesforce CTI, the CarGurus team can make phone calls in real time from a computer or cell phone—from inside Salesforce:

Screenshot of Dialpads Salesforce integration with embedded dialer

For a team that makes 10,000 calls per week, this is a critical tool that saves them lots of time, as they can just click to call a customer without having to manually dial a phone number every single time.

“About 80% of our calls are made through the Salesforce CTI dialer, which makes a huge difference for our team,” says Conor.

Saving 5 hours per agent per week thanks to Dialpad Ai

A huge bonus that comes with Dialpad Ai? The immense amount of time saved. “Each agent can take 5 to 10 calls per hour because they can be so much more efficient with Dialpad,” says Conor. “They can go back after a call, create the case work, and match it to their Salesforce records with the transcript and call summary from Dialpad.”

“Each agent can save about an hour each day with transcripts. With around 40,000 a month and roughly 10,000 calls per week, we save about 5 hours per agent per week, boosting our agent productivity immensely.”

What’s next: Dialpad + Google Workspace integration and Ai Scorecards

It’s only been a couple of months since CarGurus has implemented Dialpad into their workflows, but it’s already been paying off—with time saved, improved agent performance and confidence, and a better customer experience.

As heavy Google Workspace users, they’re looking to take advantage of more Dialpad + Google Workspace integration features so their team can enjoy an even more efficient workflow without leaving Dialpad. The team is also looking to incorporate Ai Scorecards to improve contact center performance even further.

We can’t wait to see CarGurus take full advantage of the available Dialpad features to serve their customers even better!

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