Cloud Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs. Google Voice

There are dozens of business phone system providers on the market. With different pricing, features, capabilities, and integrations, each VoIP provider is unique. To make things simple, we've created a quick guide to help you compare different business communication platforms. Here's an overview of how Dialpad compares to Google Voice.

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There’s a reason Google Ventures invested in Dialpad. While Google Voice and Dialpad are both cloud-based business phone systems with similar calling and video conferencing capabilities, Dialpad’s platform offers improved flexibility, more integrations, advanced artificial intelligence, and other features that can help your organization.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between Dialpad and Google Voice so you can make the right choice for your business.


Integrates with G Suite (including Google Calendar), Office 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Slack, and many more.

Only integrates with Google products.

Artificial Intelligence

Spam filtering, full call transcription, voicemail transcription, automatic note-taking, action item tracking, speech coaching, and live assistance.

AI spam call filtering and voicemail transcription.

Platform Capabilities

Full voice solution, video calling and conferencing, chat, business SMS/MMS, and complete contact center software.

Only voice, SMS, and conferencing. No device switching.

Key Features

Includes call recording, smart call routing, 3-way calling, and more key calling features.

Basic calling features.

Compatible Hardware

Seamless integrations with Polycom and Obihai desk phones. Further integrations with Jabra and Polycom headsets for unmatched headset function.

Only integrates with Polycom desk phones.


As you might have guessed, Google Voice integrates with G Suite. Unfortunately, that is the only software they integrate with. Dialpad integrates with G Suiteand CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, collaboration software like Office 365, customer service tools like Zendesk, and more. If your organization uses or is planning on using these tools, Dialpad can easily integrate with them to improve productivity across your team.

As for hardware integrations, Dialpad has partnerships with Polycom, Jabra, and Obihai for seamless function for desk phones and headsets. Google Voice currently integrates with only Polycom desk phones.


Artificial intelligence can be found at many levels on the Dialpad platform. Dialpad’s AI, Voice Intelligence (Vi), transcribe every call and voicemail and delivers it via an instant call summary that includes meeting notes and action items from the call. In fact, we just surpassed Google for accuracy. Further, Vi actively helps your team members by creating meeting notes, tracking action items, and even recommending responses in real-time. While Google Voice does have AI, it is limited to voicemail transcriptions and spam filtering.


If you only need voice and video calling, both Dialpad and Google Voice have your team covered. But as any organization grows, their needs do as well. When it’s time to create dedicated call centers or outbound sales departments, you need a phone system built with that capability so you can future-proof your company. Dialpad offers fully integrated inbound and outbound contact center software. With omnichannel support providing voice, video, SMS, MMS, and group messaging through Zendesk integration, your contact center agents will be able to reach your customers however they prefer. With Google Voice, you would struggle to manage your call center at scale, forcing you to find another provider.


While Google dominates in the search engine space, Dialpad's primary focus is cloud communications. Providing high-quality calling, conferencing, and contact center software will always be Dialpad’s highest priority. That’s why we offer many features that Google Voice does not. Call recording, smart call routing, 3-way calling, and others are essential to great business communication.


Ever had to get out of the office quickly, but you’re still on a work call? Dialpad lets you switch the call from your computer to your mobile device with a single tap. Unfortunately, Google Voice doesn’t support this feature, which means you would have to hang up and call back or stay on the line.

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