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Behind the scenes of Dialpad’s 2023 Super Bowl LVII commercial

Morgan Norman

Chief Marketing Officer

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Being a marketer tasked with marketing AI is one of the hardest tasks these days. It's relatively new in the public consciousness (even though it's been around for a long time), and our job is to communicate how AI can benefit your work day and help make your life easier.

It's a tremendous task. Luckily, I have an amazing marketing team that's more than up to this task.

We're thrilled to be on the cutting edge of marketing with our first Big Game ad, featuring Dialpad Ai, that's designed for the Ai fanatics, the Ai curious, the robo enthusiasts, and pop culture connoisseurs. In this ad, we’re taking viewers back in time and into the future in mere seconds with our debut Big Game ad “The Good Ai” featuring 42 (yes, 42!) Ai references of past and present.

‘The Good Ai’ captures the world’s fascination with Ai and the journey we’ve all been on as it has evolved throughout our lifetimes. Now, it’s reached the workplace in a bigger way than ever before, having been featured in Ad Age, AdWeek, and numerous roundups like AdBlitz on YouTube.

Watch it here:

Some of my other favorites that ran alongside The Good Ai this year? Our partner, T-Mobile, with not only a nostalgic and very catchy ad, but also a hilarious "making of"-style ad with Bradley Cooper and his mother. Ram Trucks also had a tongue-in-cheek commercial promoting EVs that was very clever. It was truly an epic experience to be on such a grand stage with some of the most creative brands out there.

Check out some of our favorite behind-the-scenes shots* of the making of our new ad. And keep an eye out for a few of the 42 Easter Eggs hidden along the way—get all the clues here.

The crew in action shooting the very first scene of The Good Ai

The crew in action, shooting the very first scene of ‘The Good Ai

Behind the scenes shot of dialpads 22the good ai22 commercial

What’s going on here? Find out in just a few days.

Behind the scenes shot of npc character

High school teacher? Or genius AI researcher at work?

Behind the scenes confetti shot of dialpads the good Ai commercial

A little confetti to celebrate that Dialpad Ai helps track live customer sentiment on all your support calls.

Westworld scene

Hint: Have you seen this sci-fi show set in a Western-themed park... with robots?

Movie simulation scene

Hint: Do you want to stay in the simulation?

Whiteboard scene

Don’t miss our Big Game ad ‘The Good Ai’ featuring 42 Ai references of past and present.

Shot of crew

Big thanks to the entire cast and crew that made ‘The Good Ai’ possible.

*Photo credit: Kait Miller