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Introducing new agent empowerment features, powered by Dialpad Ai

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Sometimes we all need a helping hand. And when you’re working in a contact center, trying to help a customer with their own issues, that extra hand can be invaluable (and the faster, the better).

But what if there’s no one available to help an agent out? Or the customer is in a hurry and needs their info fast?

That’s where Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist comes in, bringing new integrated productivity features to contact centers so agents can resolve more customer issues, faster. In fact, for our customers, Ai Agent Assist has been shown to:

  • Triple agent productivity

  • Boost successful calls

  • Reduce contact center costs

  • Minimize necessary training

  • Lower call handle times

  • And reduce staff attrition

Can a single AI tool really help that much? Short answer: yes. Long answer: read on and get all the facts.

Why contact centers have 35% turnover

Anyone who’s spent even a day working in a contact center can tell you that it’s not an easy job. They’re busy from practically the moment the phones start ringing until they clock out. Frustrated customers aren’t exactly easy to deal with, and agents must become subject matter experts quickly (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

So it’s no wonder that agent attrition is a big problem for contact centers! In fact, contact centers face an average turnover rate of 35%, with lack of success with customers being named as a primary reason. But as companies struggle to give their agents the training they need, the lack of structured information (easy to search references for agents, clear instructions, and so on) and the disparate systems many contact centers use cause even more problems.

And when agents are handling cases, 77% of them require three or more apps—and up to 16 browser tabs open across their monitors!

To quote every single infomercial: “there’s got to be a better way!”

Agent empowerment: A better way

Imagine if contact center agents could get the help they need the instant they need it, without placing customers on hold and searching through disorganized knowledge sources. That’s what Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist is for—it searches through all of your unstructured data for you (including web pages, support documents, ticketing systems, and even transcripts from past calls) to find and surface the answers to agent questions.

Dialpad Ai Agent Assist 2

With this new agent empowerment tool, AI eliminates lengthy and expensive training cycles to make agents more effective, faster—translating into faster customer calls and reduced average handle time.

Ai Agent Assist: answers at a moment’s notice

Picture a contact center agent on a call with a customer who’s asking about an obscure feature. The agent is new, and this isn’t something they went over in training.

Normally, that agent might have to pull up a reference document and search through it, or even escalate the call to someone more experienced. Either way, that’s going to take time, and the customer isn’t going to be happy about it.

But with Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist feature, the AI can mine unstructured data, searching through everything from websites to past support calls, to find answers—even for questions that customers have never asked before.

On top of that, Ai Agent Assist:

  • Lets you create and organize conversational flows with the no-code drag-and-drop builder

  • Allows you to add automated processes within the agent assist pane

  • Allows for graphics, videos, and other rich media to provide better and clearer answers

  • Can point out gaps in your knowledge database that should be shored up to give agents the necessary information to answer tricky customer questions

As a result, agents can use AI to quickly close cases, and not only does this not require extra training, it can even cut down on training time. Plus, agents are more confident going into calls, and feel more successful in their roles.

Across our own customers, we’ve observed that Ai Agent Assist reduces average handle time by about 66%, which means agents are three times more productive with AI than without. When agents are feeling more successful and satisfied, they’ll stick around more, which keeps attrition down while improving the agent and customer experiences.

It’s time to empower your agents

Whether you’re a small organization struggling to train new agents and give them the tools they need or a large enterprise trying to keep up with a huge volume of calls, Dialpad’s Ai Agent Assist can help your contact center and agents succeed.

With this new agent empowerment tool, you can reduce agent attrition, improve the customer experience, and make life easier for your agents—all while reducing the need for lengthy and expensive training processes.

The result: Organizations can grow their contact centers more quickly, reduce average handle time and expenses, and improve customer satisfaction. Want to see how AI can empower your contact center agents?

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