Mixmax Integration


Calling customers or prospects is a key motion for sales workflows. With Dialpad, you can get robust one-click calling capabilities directly from your inbox, Mixmax web app or Salesforce.

Seamlessly capture key notes, disposition, key fields, and relations during the call. As soon as the call ends, all of the information will be available on the contact record in SFDC.

It takes more than a call to close a deal. With Dialpad + Mixmax integration, your customer-facing teams will get the tools they need to accelerate revenue at every stage of your customer journey.

Key benefits:

  • Land more replies and meetings with Sequences and engagement tools such as one-click scheduling, polling, and Sidechat.
  • Automate tedious work, personalize messages, and automatically log phone and email activity to Salesforce.
  • Eliminate busywork with Rules.
  • Know what's working best with advanced team performance reporting and insights.

How to setup


  • Make sure you have an active Dialpad account and Dialpad is installed on your computer.
  • Your Dialpad account must be on a plan that includes API access. This is included on the Dialpad Pro plan and above.
  • We recommend removing the Dialpad Chrome extension if it is installed. The Dialpad Chrome extension may conflict with Mixmax calling functionality.
  • Mixmax accounts must be on a plan that includes Mixmax calling. Mixmax calling is available on the Enterprise plan.

Connecting Mixmax to Dialpad

Before Workspace users are able to connect to Dialpad, a Mixmax administrator will need to enable the Dialpad integration for the Workspace.

On the Integrations page, under Dialpad, click the Connect Workspace button:

A confirmation screen will be displayed confirming you wish to enable Dialpad for calling in your Workspace. Click Continue to proceed.

You may be asked to log into your Dialpad account. Log in using your Dialpad credentials.

You will be asked to allow Mixmax to access your Dialpad account, click Allow.

Mixmax is now connected to Dialpad.

After a Mixmax Workspace administrator completes these steps, other members of the workspace can connect to Dialpad using the steps above.

Note for Administrators: Enabling the Dialpad integration replaces the Mixmax dialer as your calling service for all members of your Mixmax Workspace.