Miro Integration


Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from running brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects, from designing new products and services to facilitating agile ceremonies. Miro is lightning fast, making it easy for many people to work all at once.

The Dialpad Meetings and Miro integration brings teams together so that they can accomplish more before, during and after meetings. Users will have the option to select Miro when screen sharing within a Dialpad Meeting on desktop. With Dialpad + Miro, users can easily collaborate in a shared space without needing to navigate away to another application in a separate window.

This powerful integration enables fluid work before, during and after meetings. Prepare for your next meeting and build an agenda in Miro, then instantly share the Miro board while you’re in a Dialpad Meeting. Post-meeting, add links to the meeting recording and transcription* to the Miro board to keep team members in the loop.

The integration is available for all Dialpad Meetings users on a free or paid plan.

*Paid subscription of Dialpad Meetings is required to use meeting transcriptions (powered by Dialpad Ai)

Loud announcement Dialpad Miro Integration

Key Features:

  • Instantly start a whiteboard session with a single click. Access an existing Miro board or create a new one.

  • Take advantage of advanced Miro features such as templates, sticky notes and comments, without needing to switch between browser tabs or apps.

  • Access a link to the Miro board in the post-meeting email recap, which also includes a list of participants and links to meeting recordings and transcripts*.

  • Miro boards are automatically saved for 24 hours. Register for a Miro account to permanently save a Miro board to your account.

How to setup

Additional instruction on installation and functionality can be found here: How to set up and use the Miro integration

    Launching Miro

    To get started, enable Miro in your Account Settings:


    Launching Miro while you’re in a Dialpad Meeting is simple:

    • Go to “Share your Screen” on the menu bar on the bottom.
    • “Share your Screen” will give you the option of sharing your screen or a Miro board.
    • Select “Miro whiteboard,” then select from one of the following:
      • Create a board as a guest user (no registration required)
      • Sign in using your Miro account to choose and work from an existing board

    Using Miro

    When you launch a Miro board, you will have access to Miro features, such as:

    • Accessing premade templates
    • Attaching documents or images for annotation
    • Adding sticky notes, text boxes, comments, tables, and more
    • For more information on Miro features, check out the Miro quick start guide

    You can also share a link to the Miro board with the participants so they can collaborate alongside you. Just click on the share button, set the share permissions, and then copy and paste the link into the Dialpad Meeting chat window:


    Available settings for sharing Miro boards:

    • View: participants will be able to view the board only
    • Edit: participants can edit the board
    • Comment: participants will only be able to leave comments (not available for guest users)
    • Private: only you and people you grant access will have access to the board (not available for guests users)

    You can create as many boards as you’d like during each meeting.

    Accessing Miro Boards

    After you end your meeting, the meeting summary (in-app and email) will include links to each Miro board you created:


    If you signed in with a Miro account, the board you created in Dialpad Meetings will appear automatically in your Miro account.

    Miro boards made through a guest Miro account are accessible for 24 hours. To save your Miro board, follow the on-screen prompt to sign up for a free Miro account:


      Additional info

      More information and support can be found here: