Kizen Integration


Kizen is the #1 next-gen sales, marketing, and experience platform that helps companies drive smarter, faster growth, deliver amazing, personalized customer experiences, and unleash their full potential. Thanks to Dialpad's native integration with Kizen, you can access your business phone system and the CRM in the same platform to synchronize all call data.

Dialpad allows users on Kizen Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise.

Key Features:

Native Integration

  • Native Dialpad CTI embedded inside the Kizen platform that allows for inbound and outbound calling
  • Ability to tie calls to existing deals and contacts within Kizen.
  • Quick access to dispositions, deal tagging, and call notes/tasks.
  • Ability to send text messages directly from Kizen through Dialpad.

Activity Logging

  • Automatic call (inbound and outbound) and voicemail logging
  • Ability to log both notes and tasks per contact in Kizen

Contact Profiles

  • Ability to create new Kizen contacts from Dialpad
  • Ability to match existing Kizen contacts to Dialpad contacts

How to setup

Kizen can easily set up a native integration for you in three steps.

  1. Navigate to Kizen business settings
  2. Click the API keys pane at the bottom.
  3. Copy your User ID from this page at the very bottom.
  4. Email with your User ID and mention you will want Dialpad's native integration.

Additional info

Illuminate sales and service operations by seamlessly integrating Dialpad with Kizen. Ensure that each and every client touchpoint is tracked and available in your Kizen timelines and data platform so that your team can leverage transparency and automation based on real-time text messages and phone calls.