Jiminny Integration


Get the most out of your Dialpad conversations with Jiminny.

Jiminny is the platform for all your customer conversations. We record, transcribe, and analyze your Dialpad calls so you can capture every data point important to your business and have the insights to help your team win together.

Jiminny connects to Dialpad to import recorded calls seamlessly for you. Every customer conversation is instantly ready to share and coach, through a searchable library of activity. Create playlists to connect the talent of experienced reps with new starters to help them learn faster.

Jiminny's AI gives you high quality transcription and understands what's been discussed on each call, so you know where to help your sales team grow and develop. Jiminny can also automate activity capture to your CRM - saving your Reps time, improving their productivity, and logging all your most important customer data automatically.

Jiminny is like having your own personal coaching assistant, supporting you and your team whenever you need it.

How to setup

Integrate Dialpad with Jiminny by following the installation guide.