Headset Advisor for Dialpad


Selecting headsets for use with Dialpad might on the surface seem to be no big deal. That is, until you find that the ones you chose weren’t compatible. Now you’ve got “issues” to resolve. There’s no reason to put yourself through that unnecessary inconvenience, and frustration because finding the right, compatible headset just got easier.

Headset Advisor and Dialpad have teamed up together to provide you with a seamless headset experience that you're really going to love. It removes the confusion about which headset to choose, and it assures that you’ll get the right headset the first time, every time, which means you can forget about those frustrating returns.

Your Headset Advisor Rep will handle everything from start to finish which makes securing your new headsets a breeze. We’ll work with you to determine what your exact needs are, we’ll then provide you with a compatible headset recommendation, and then with your approval, we’ll process your order, and promptly ship out your products. But, it doesn’t end there like it does with other companies. We follow up with you to make sure your order was received, and we assist you with the setup of your new products. That makes things easy for you, and it assures that your headsets are set up properly and working perfectly. And doesn’t that sound like a better way to go than going it alone?

Highlights of our program

  • - Personal assistance from a dedicated Rep assigned to you to help you from start to finish
  • - Free demo program so you can try before you buy
  • - Fast, free shipping
  • - After the sale follow-up, including set up assistance, and free lifetime product support
  • - 30 day returns
  • - Bulk discount pricing available
  • - Convenient, and affordable monthly headset lease program

    Why working with Headset Advisor makes sense

    When you work with Headset Advisor, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Advisor that can help you select a compatible solution guaranteed to work with your Dialpad service. The personal service you’ll receive is the best in the business, and you’ll have the choice of purchasing your headsets, or you can opt to acquire them through our affordable monthly lease program. And when you lease, the replacement accessories like ear cushions, wind screens, wireless headset batteries and more are all included in the monthly rate. The warranty never expires either, so you won’t have to pay for replacements, which helps to save money.

    So whether you need new headsets, speakerphones or webcams, working with Headset Advisor is your easiest, and best path to a stress free solution. Our goal is to make your experience so easy, that you simply wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for your technology products.

    How to contact us

    Having a better headset experience is as close as a phone call, or keyboard click away. Feel free to give us a call, or email us for a free personal consultation, or you can learn more by visiting our landing page.

    Here’s how you can reach us:

    Phone: (800) 683-5715
    Email: dialpad@headsetadvisor.com
    Web: dp.headsetadvisor.com


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    How to setup

    Once you select a headset that is optimized to work on Dialpad getting setup is easy.

    1. Setup the headset onto the computer.

    2. Navigate to the Dialpad settings and select make call control setting to active.

    3. Select the headset as the default audio settings in Dialpad.

    With the right headset you'll be able to:

    • Answer and end calls away from the desk.
    • Mute/Unmute the microphone directly from the headset.
    • Increase/decrease the speaker volume.