Forethought Agatha Integration


At her core, Agatha performs three important business functions.

  1. With Solve…Agatha provides customers with the business intelligence they need where and when they need it. Through email, web-form and chat, Solve answers simple and more complex/long-form customer questions. When more complex answers are needed, or live voice agent assistance is required, Agatha integrates with Dialpad for a seamless hand-off to a live voice agent.
  2. With Triage…Agatha provides continuity in the customer journey where immediate answers are insufficient and gives agents the context they require. Triage, provides the heavy lifting in ticket tagging, routing, insight, and escalation within the help desk to the right agent.
  3. With Assist…Agatha leverages true AI to capture business intelligence across the organization, in brand context and form, accessing data where it resides…allowing agents access to the full extent of enterprise content to resolve and support customers.

How to setup

Installation and set up are included as part of our services. This typically includes working with a Forethought Implementation engineer who will engage directly with clients to complete app installation and set up and build unique AI support models to fit their needs. Please contact to get started!