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Speaker spotlights

Chicago City Tour speaker Dan Oconnell
CSO - Dialpad

Dan O'Connell

Dan is the Chief Strategy Officer at Dialpad. Previously, he was the CEO of TalkIQ, a real-time speech recognition and natural language processing start-up that Dialpad acquired in May of 2018. Prior to TalkIQ, he held various sales leadership positions at AdRoll and Google.

Chicago City Tour speaker Morgan Norman
CMO - Dialpad

Morgan Norman

Morgan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Dialpad. Prior to Dialpad, Morgan was the Global VP of Corporate, Brand, Growth Marketing at RingCentral. Morgan is returning to Dialpad where he led go-to-market and global marketing as CMO from 2015 to 2017. Prior to Dialpad, he held Marketing Executive roles at Copper, Zuora, NetSuite, and Microsoft.

Chicago City Tour speaker Sangeeta Walsh

Sangeeta Walsh

Sangeeta works closely with customers, technology, and development partners to create mutual GTM activities that grow applications in Dialpad’s app gallery, along with focusing on customer adoption and customer engagement of Dialpad Ai products. Prior to Dialpad, she led the team focused on growing and building RingCentral’s developer and partner ecosystem.

Chicago City Tour speaker Jim Payne

Jim Payne

Jim Payne is Dialpad’s Director of Product Marketing for Ai Contact Center. He’s focused on continuing Dialpad’s momentum in the Contact Center space by ensuring the needs of Dialpad’s customers are being reflected in the product roadmap, and creating an enduring solution that will transform contact center operations today, and into the future.

Top sessions you
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Ai Work NYC event

Ai deep dive sessions

Ai is powerful, broad, and at times, a complete mystery. Many organizations struggle to deploy Ai effectively and aren't clear on how to make the most of their Ai toolset. In this session, you’ll learn about the practical ways Dialpad built Ai into its foundation, applying it to our technology so you can take advantage right away. From live coaching and real-time agent assists to predictive CSAT scores—Dialpad Ai is there for your teams at every step.

Picture of Ray Wang

Ai-first adoption strategies from top analysts

Ai brings new opportunities for personalized experiences, improved customer experience, workforce collaboration, and guided training. However, many Ai systems are out of reach due to cost, lack of data, and expertise. As new solutions bring the power of Ai to everyone, businesses must quickly determine how to invest in pragmatic approaches to Ai. Learn from one of the top industry analysts, R “Ray” Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, on how Ai will benefit everyone.

A speaker conducing a talk at the Ai at Work NYC event

Ai thought leader panels

Businesses today are looking to leverage the power of Ai in their organizations, but wondering how to best capitalize on the promise. Hear from five industry leaders on how they’re leveraging Ai to up-level their customer service and sales organizations, create differentiated service experiences, and generate new revenue streams.

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A person using a mobile phone

Explore next-gen Ai features

We’ll cover step-by-step playbooks on how to take your customer support to the next level using live Ai coaching, real-time sentiment tracking, and direct CRM integrations.

Screenshot of Dialpads predictive Ai CSAT feature

Get access to live demos

See demos of unified Ai Contact Center and Ai Sales Center workspaces with built-in Ai transcriptions, Ai call recaps, predictive CSAT scores, and more.

A person working on a laptop

See how industry leaders use Ai

Hear from industry experts and company leaders about their trials and successes after introducing Ai into their own organizations.

Two people working together

Network with other leaders

Meet and network with other business leaders who are on their own journey leveraging and deploying Ai across their company.

Take a tour of Dialpad

See how easy it is to connect all your teams
on one beautiful, Ai-powered platform.

Screenshot of Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

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