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The Road to 381% ROI: Dialpad's Ai Contact Center Transformation

Tune in for a comprehensive analysis by Forrester on how Dialpad drives 381% ROI with its Ai Contact Center.


As customer service leaders search for ways to improve their customer support operations, they must invest in technologies that support not only their customers but enhance the agent experience and drive productivity.

Dialpad Ai Contact Center provides customer service leaders the ability to improve the customer and agent experience, and recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact analysis to examine the cost savings and benefits our customers can expect.

Join Forrester Senior Consultant Nick Ferrif as we explore how Dialpad provides:

  • 381% return on investment

  • Investment payback in fewer than 6 months

  • 20% reduction in average handle time for contact center agents

  • 50% decrease in post-call admin work

  • More than $13 million dollars of financial benefit over 3 years

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Chris mccarthy headshot

Chris McCarthy

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Nick Ferrif

Nick Ferrif

Sr. Consultant


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