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The New Standards of Customer Intelligence

How can you truly understand your customers? With the right customer intelligence tools, your team can get new insights into everything your customers want and feel. Watch this webinar to learn more about it!


We can all agree that when it comes to delivering better business outcomes, knowledge is power; but with conventional tools, most organizations struggle to get a clear picture of their customers’ needs and behavior. For example, with traditional customer satisfaction surveys, only 3% of customers typically respond, skewing data for service teams looking to improve.

With the next generation of customer intelligence capabilities, you can gain a rich picture of customer behavior that allows you to raise levels of service, improve customer relationships, and deliver intelligence to decision makers that drives change in the business.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • What is customer intelligence? What are the metrics we should consider to raise customer intelligence?
  • How do advanced customer intelligence capabilities transform the customer experience?
  • How do advanced customer intelligence capabilities transform the agent, or supervisor experience?
  • What information can we deliver to executive leadership to drive change in the business with customer intelligence tools?
  • And more!


Chris Mc Carthy

Chris McCarthy

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Brian Cantor

Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst & Director CEI,
CCW Digital

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