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Sales in the AI Era: Embracing AI-Powered Coaching and Playbooks for Success

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Modern sales leaders must ensure their teams are driving consistent pipeline and revenue for the business, but have limited visibility into what’s happening on sales calls. The expectation is that they review calls for quality, coach tenured reps on skills to improve, and ramp up new reps—all while handling their own pipeline and revenue quotas as well.

Sales leaders need a way to efficiently scale their team’s support. That’s where AI comes in.

AI is empowering sales leaders with easy access to insights and information, better quality assurance, and guidance on the specific skills that their reps need to work on.

Save your spot to learn about:

  • • Challenges of modern sales coaching and quality assurance
    • Insights necessary to provide relevant & timely coaching for reps
    • How Dialpad Ai empowers sales leaders with powerful coaching and support capabilities


Chris mccarthy headshot

Chris McCarthy

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Derek Hasanoglu 2

Derek Hasanoglu

Regional Vice President, Enterprise Sales


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