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Pipeline Strategies for Finishing the Year Strong

Watch as Dialpad, Mixmax, and Qwilr for a new sales-focused webinar: “Pipeline Strategies for Finishing 2021 Strong."


With the last quarter of the year upon us, it’s time to end the year on a high note. Are you prepared to hit your sales goals?

We’ve teamed up with Mixmax and Qwilr to bring you a new quota-smashing webinar: Pipeline Strategies for Finishing 2021 Strong.

Watch this roundtable discussion where sales leaders discuss all the best ways to close the year strong and start off the new year even stronger. Our sales pros will provide tips, insights, and actionable ideas you can use to make sure you close out Q4 right, like...

  • Optimizing selling time to close more business before the quarter’s end

  • Best practices and strategies for simplifying workflows and making them more predictable

  • Ideas for engaging and empowering prospects you can put into action today


Kirsten moore

Kirsten Moore

VP of Mid-Market and Enterprise Sales

Kyle parrish

Kyle Parrish

VP of Sales

Chris schreiber

Chris Schreiber

Head of Marketing

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