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Making Sense of Hybrid Work

Learn all about how hybrid work can help your business in this webinar, brought to you by Dialpad, Wainhouse Research, and Poly.


Hybrid work is here to stay, but what does that mean for your business, and what challenges will it present?

Dialpad, Wainhouse Research, and Poly teamed up to answer all those questions and more in a new webinar: “Making Sense of Hybrid Work.”

In this webinar, we walk through the ins and outs of how to successfully make hybrid work, well, work! Learn about:

  • How to implement hybrid work
  • Common challenges and how to overcome them
  • What tools you can (and should!) use for hybrid work
  • And more!

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn all about hybrid work!


Craig Durr 2

Craig Durr

Senior Analyst
Wainhouse Research

Jeff Kubick 2

Jeffrey Kubick

Head of Global Voice Service Provider Marketing

Duncan Strong 2

Duncan Strong

Senior Product Manager

Jen Bui 2

Jen Bui

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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