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Contact Center AI is No Longer a ‘Science Project’

We joined No Jitter and two AI-centric start-up founders to discuss the role AI is having in the contact center.


Contact Center vendors have too often oversold AI as enabling all things to all people, while organizations have found both AI and omnichannel implementations to be very complex.

With new self-service and digital engagement initiatives, companies of all sizes can now easily leverage AI ‘out of the box’ to automatically respond to customer intent, route interactions to the right answers and agents, and even assist those agents with serving customers. But you need the right combination of goals, tools, and approach.

This webinar features the founders of two startups - Kare Knowledgeware and Koopid – both recently acquired by Dialpad. In creating their companies, they tackled these problems of complexity, and invented new systems to streamline the use of Conversational AI to power both omnichannel engagement and self-service, delivering next generation customer experience to clients around the globe. Together, founders Tim Porter and Venky Krishnaswamy help to answer the following questions:

  • What have been the primary challenges companies have encountered when utilizing AI?
  • Which organizations can benefit the most from AI and machine learning?
  • How self-service changed from being just a glorified FAQ to intelligently serving customers and reducing contact center costs?
  • How has the omnichannel landscape changed, and where are organizations seeing benefits through digital interactions?
  • Why is workflow automation critical to reducing costs and enhancing CX?


Tim porter

Tim Porter

CEO and Founder
Kare Knowledge (acquired by Dialpad)

Venky Krish

Venky Krishnaswamy

CEO and Founder
Koopid (acquired by Dialpad)

Ron Stevenson

Ron Stevenson

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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