Business Phone System Comparisons

Dialpad vs. Fuze

Evaluating a business phone system can be challenging. There are various VoIP providers offering different pricing plans and features. It's not always intuitive to know which phone system makes the most sense for your business. We want to make this decision simpler for you by offering some quick comparison guides. Here's one on Dialpad and Fuze.

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Dialpad and Fuze are two cloud-based phone systems that offer a suite of products. Both providers offer call center and web conferencing capabilities. And both platforms integrate with popular apps like G Suite and Salesforce. Although they share some similarities, the customer experience each provides is unique. Check out the differences between Dialpad and Fuze below.

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Implementing a brand new business phone system can take a long time. Replacing an existing business phone platform can create interruptions. This is why companies must assess deployment speed when evaluating potential VoIP providers. Some companies simply cannot risk going through weeks without functional business phones. When it comes to rate of deployment, customers report great satisfaction with Dialpad. Many companies mention that Fuze can take up to months to get the business phones up and running. Dialpad makes deployment quick and simple. For most companies, it's takes only a couple of days to implement and be ready to use. In addition, Dialpad's deployment include self-service options. This allows customers to speed up the process without waiting for the support team. The efficient deployment process makes it easy for customers to get started quickly.


Telephony architecture also plays a huge role in the evaluation of phone systems. After all, not all VoIP phone providers are created equal. Although Fuze is also a cloud-based phone system, Dialpad's architecture is more modern, flexible and reliable. Fuze's less advanced backend means customers can experience more unreliable call quality. Dialpad’s provides customers with more reliable, higher quality calls. Furthermore, Dialpad offers a suite of advanced call routing features. Call routing helps to efficiently manage incoming calls to businesses. This helps to improve customer service as well as ensuring that no call goes unanswered. Finally, Dialpad offers a better mobile experience. Users can easily connect with colleagues and clients no matter where they are.


The VoIP industry is constantly changing, and the technology becomes more advanced. It's important for your business phone system to be able to work with other tools. Therefore, it is critical to select a software that integrates well with others. Even better is a software that can innovate and adapt to changes quickly. Dialpad natively integrates with a suite of popular tools, and the list continues to grow. The software's modern architecture also provides a lot of flexibility. For example, Dialpad recently added some in-product Voice Intelligence features. The ability to add avant-garde functionalities as needed is extremely beneficial for customers. Businesses don't have to worry about switching business phone providers. They can enjoy a business phone system that consistently provides cutting edge technology.

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