Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension puts basic Dialpad calling functionality and controls right in your web browser so you can make calls with just a click. No toggling tabs, windows, apps, or—most importantly—picking up the phone and dialing manually.

Save Time Making Calls

The internet has made it easier than ever to find the phone number of virtually any business with just a quick search. Whether you’re looking for a vendor’s business phone number or trying to find a restaurant that can make and deliver sushi for ten people within the hour, you’re going to find that number online. 

Dialpad takes the convenience of making phone calls a step further with the Chrome web browser. Once you find the number you’re looking for online, the web extension allows the user to simply click the number to call it. No toggling. No cutting and pasting. The click will automatically populate Dialpad to make the call. Because it lives within the Chrome web browser, it’s always on and ready to make calls with a click.

How Does the Dialpad Chrome Extension Work

When you install the Dialpad Chrome browser extension, it automatically scans any page you visit for an available phone number. That number is then made clickable—even if it’s not properly formatted. By clicking the number, you will bring the Dialpad app to the front where you can then choose to send the call. You’ll also be given the option to toggle between and choose from any number you’re typically permitted to dial out from. It’s a simple, light-weight extension that won’t slow down your browser, but will make calling numbers that much faster because you no longer have to memorize or cut and paste the number before calling.

The Convenience of Chrome and the Power of Dialpad

The Chrome Extension is as easy to install as it is to use. Simply visit the Chrome web store and click ‘Add to Chrome’ in the top right hand corner. The app will automatically install so that you and your team can start making calls with just a click.

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Dialpad Chrome Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Chrome Extension cost anything?

No. The Chrome Extension is absolutely free for all Dialpad users.

Can I block the extension on certain websites?

Yes! Just right-click on the site and select set the extension to ignore phone numbers for that website.

What if a phone number is accidentally clicked?

Any time a phone number is clicked, the user will be prompted to complete the call. This is to prevent any unintended dialing.

Does the Chrome Extension work on all my devices?

Currently, the Dialpad Chrome Extension is only available for the desktop app.

Is it mandatory to download and use the extension?

Not at all. However, it can be extremely convenient.

Can the extension be removed once it’s been downloaded?

Absolutely. Simply right click the icon in your browser window and click “Remove from Chrome”.