Virtual call center

Allow your agents and supervisors to work from anywhere, on any device.

Set up a new contact center in minutes and start engaging with customers and prospects on a single platform.

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Why Virtual Call Center

Flexible, mobile, hassle-free setup and management.


With Dialpad we can go right online, provision the user through the UI in literally seconds, and get their phone up and running the same day.

Kat Sweet
Director of IT, Acquia

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We love how easy Dialpad is to deploy. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone.

Kyle Jackson
VP of IT, Percolate

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Our previous system was unreliable and a poor experience for our staff. Dialpad is the complete opposite of that.

Keith Jones
Global Ops Manager, Deputy

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  • Whether you use “virtual contact center” (sometimes also called “call centers” but that term is used less and less now that calling isn’t the only channel anymore) or CCaaS (contact center as a service) to refer to contact centers, you probably need one...

    Especially if you have a distributed team of agents or reps who need to communicate with customers on a daily basis.

    Dialpad’s all-in-one communication and CCaaS tools help businesses not only improve their service levels and customer satisfaction, but also coach and train new hires more efficiently. How? Keep reading.

  • What is a virtual contact center?

    Unlike a traditional call center, virtual contact centers (sometimes also called remote call centers) typically consist of service agents who work remotely in different office locations or work from home.

    Almost always, these contact center teams will need the help of virtual contact center or call center software (and a stable Internet connection) in order to operate from the cloud.

    With Dialpad, you get not only a CCaaS solution with a built-in dialer, but also another business essential: a UCaaS (unified communications as a service) or VoIP phone system that integrates with important customer engagement tools like Zendesk to Salesforce.

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Leverage contact center stats to gain meaningful insights on service level as well as agent performance metrics.

Take advantage of real-time coaching to reduce wait time and improve transfer rate.

Features that matter

  • Fast deployment

    Set up your virtual contact center within minutes—without purchasing hardware or getting additional IT assistance. Dialpad works across your existing devices and allows you to manage your own contact center with ease and efficiency.

  • Multichannel capabilities

    Whether you’re an inbound call center or an outbound call center that focuses on sales calls, Dialpad will help you provide a stellar customer experience for customers across different channels. After all, a robust contact center experience encompasses not only phone calls but also video meetings, live chat, and more.

  • Smart call routing

    Getting a lot of inbound calls? You can route callers to the best support agent based on availability and skill level with Dialpad. This not only helps to create a positive experience for the customers, but it will help to streamline the agents’ workflow and reduce churn rate as well.

  • Dashboards and reporting

    From call volume patterns to average speed to answer to hold queue metrics and more, Dialpad’s real-time dashboards give you detailed insights into agent activity and performance.

  • IVR

    A good IVR (interactive voice response) or ACD (automatic call distributor) system is essential for any business that talks to customers on the phone. With Dialpad, you can customize your IVR menu to route incoming calls to the right customer service representative and provide customers with automated answers to basic questions—and see how your IVR menu is performing too.

  • Simple onboarding and training

    How can you give your agents real-time help—without personally coaching every phone call? Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence technology transcribes calls in real time and picks up on keywords (like competitor names or product issues) so you can track, coach, and improve on a regular basis.

  • Call recordings and call logs

    All, call recordings: the best way for agents to train themselves. Not only can Dialpad automatically record and store customer calls, it also lets you create “playlists” of the best (or worst) calls to use for more hands-off coaching.