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PlanGrid propose ses services à ses clients partout dans le monde

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PlanGrid offers the world’s most downloaded construction app, with a five-star rating and over 2,700 App Store Reviews. Serving the industry’s biggest contractors, owners, and architects, the rapidly growing technology company makes construction projects more efficient with its mobile and cloud-based tools. 

And deploying Dialpad's business communications platform has enabled PlanGrid to scale globally and service customers from anywhere, across any device.

At one point, PlanGrid relied on three different phone systems: RingCentral, Vonage, and Verizon Wireless. With more than 200 employees—and at least 25% working remotely—the company needed a fresh approach to scaling global communications. In addition to high costs and substantial IT demands, the disconnected business phone systems made it complicated for people across different departments to collaborate and service customers.

« Dialpad a transformé notre façon de vendre et de servir nos clients. »
Brendan Farrell
Directeur informatique

Setting a new standard for customer experience

Dialpad allowed PlanGrid to consolidate three separate phone systems into a single business communications platform that works on any device—reducing telephony costs, saving IT resources, and enabling employees to work from anywhere:

making a phone call through dialpad's desktop and mobile app

Les équipes commerciales de PlanGrid visitent régulièrement des bureaux et sites de construction afin d'établir des liens avec les clients sur le terrain, c'est pourquoi ils ont besoin d'une façon de travailler plus libre. « Nos représentants commerciaux sont nécessairement mobiles, souligne Brendan Farrell, directeur du service informatique de PlanGrid. Dialpad leur permet de conclure des affaires et de discuter avec des prospects lors de leurs déplacements. »

Beyond sales, PlanGrid employees use Dialpad for both business development and support calls. Through native integrations with other business applications used by PlanGrid, including Salesforce and Google Workspace, Dialpad now enables a more connected user experience, 24/7 availability, and customer service from any device:

dialpad salesforce CTI integration