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Connecter tout le monde,
travailler de n’importe où

Call, message, and meet—all on one Ai-powered platform.

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See how easy it is to collaborate with the team in one beautiful workspace.

Dialpad business communications ai voice user interface

Take calls from anywhere

The only intelligent phone system you'll ever need—with flexibility, scalability, and cost savings built right in.

Dialpad business communications ai messaging user interface

Collaborate in one place

Move projects forward between calls with team messaging that can keep up with the work. Dialpad makes it easy to collaborate with customers and colleagues—all in the same app.

Dialpad business communications ai meetings user interface

Accès instantané aux réunions

Connect teams around the world in a click. Plus, built-in Ai transcribes calls and tracks action items so you won’t miss a thing. After every meeting, get an automatic call summary sent right to your inbox.

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Disponibilité de 100 % garantie par SLA

Notre infrastructure de classe opérateur vous permet de rester opérationnel jour et nuit.

Nous nous intégrons à vos applications préférées

Dialpad s'intègre à vos applications préférées comme Salesforce, Zendesk et Google Workspace.

Real-time analytics for managers & admins

You’ll have perfect visibility into call volume, usage, and adoption across global offices.

Des communications
véritablement unifiées

Truly unified communications business communications on mobile and computer

Dynamisez vos conversations

Prenez un appel, envoyez rapidement un fichier ou lancez une réunion directement à partir d'un fil de discussion. Tout ça depuis Dialpad.

Truly unified communications setting up business communications platform over a cup of coffee

Tout cela en deux temps, trois mouvements

Add new users, teams, and even entire departments with a few clicks—right from our web portal.

Truly unified communications remote work business communications

Work from anywhere on the planet

Dialpad lives on all your favorite devices, so you can stay connected no matter where work finds you.

Connectez aussi
votre contact center

Pour que tout le monde puisse collaborer au sein d'un environnement des plus conviviaux.

Dialpad Ai Contact Center : localisateur

Centre de contact Ai

Set up your agents in minutes, from anywhere. And support them at every step with real-time Ai assistance.

Dialpad ai sales wayfinder

Ventes Ai

Turn conversations into conversions with live Ai coaching and sentiment analysis.

Dialpad business communications ai powered business meeting on computer

Une application qui s'occupe de tout. Vous pouvez passer des appels, envoyer des messages et organiser des réunions depuis une seule plateforme.

Chris LaBarbera
Responsable de l'assistance informatique, ACI Jet

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