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Local presence dialing

Making lots of outbound sales calls to prospects in different regions? Dialpad's local presence dialing with regional area codes can help. Book a product tour to see how it works!

Keep it local

Cold calling is hard enough on your sales team. And one simple thing you can do to help their outreach efforts is to give them phone numbers with area codes that recipients recognize. This will increase their pickup rates and get them more at-bats.

With Dialpad’s local presence dialing, sales teams can leverage a bundle of area codes that match up with their territories throughout the US automatically—without any extra work.

En quoi consiste la numérotation en présence locale ?

Local presence dialing is a telephony or contact center feature that gives sales reps the ability to make outbound calls to prospects using a phone number that matches those prospects' area codes automatically.

How it works in Dialpad

Dialpad gives sales managers and teams two options for purchasing local presence numbers:

  1. The 100 top metro areas bundle (around 80% of the US population)
  2. The comprehensive bundle (98% of the US population)

Once you've purchased your local presence bundle, you can assign the feature to any of the contact centers associated in your Dialpad account. (Which means more than one contact center within an office can leverage this feature!)

Sales reps will then just need to choose the local presence option when placing an outbound call from their Dialpad app to automatically detect and match the recipient’s number.

When a call is returned, rather than routing to whichever rep is available to take a call, Dialpad will automatically route to the specific rep who originally placed the call. If that rep can’t answer for some reason, the call will be routed to the next available rep in the group (or follow the call routing options the manager has set).

Local presence dialing in dialpad

Why use local presence dialing?

  • Smarter outbound: Increase your sales reps’ chances of connecting with a prospect by automatically matching the area code of the territory they’re calling
  • Intelligent routing: Make sure every rep gets credit for their work with intelligent inbound routing that matches the call with the rep who originally placed it
  • Coverage you can count on: With options for purchase that include over 100 numbers, your reps aren’t left without the right coverage they need to make a connection

Designed for high-volume outbound sales teams

Dialpad Sell is an all-in-one communications package that's designed for outbound sales teams. It comes with an app that lets you make phone calls, have video conferences, send instant + SMS messages, and more—all from one place. Book a product tour to see how you can get local presence dialing for your sales team as part of this plan!

FAQs about local presence dialing

Qu'est-ce qui rend la présence locale de Dialpad unique ?

When a sales rep places an outbound call using local presence dialing, that call is automatically tied to that rep’s account. That means that when the recipient calls back, the call will be routed straight to that rep first before defaulting to the secondary call handling options the manager has set up.

Qui peut utiliser cette fonctionnalité ?

What does this feature cost?