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Enterprise communications

Effective enterprise communications requires more than a simple business phone system. Dialpad’s unified communications solution offers a single platform, accessible via desktop and mobile, that delivers:

  • Excellent international call quality
  • 100% platform uptime for Enterprise plan customers
  • Fully integrated UCaaS + CCaaS

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What is enterprise communications?

If you’re in need of an enterprise communications definition, look no further.

Enterprise communications has to be a step above your typical business solution. Rather than relying on multiple service providers (e.g., one for webinars, another for file sharing, another for...you get the idea), enterprises need a more holistic solution.

Why? Because an enterprise’s communication needs are more complex and when things go wrong it’s a big deal. Having the right solution reduces the risk of downtime and enhances cross-organisation productivity.

Dialpad’s software does exactly that—offering the best cloud communication tools all in one place, with no on-premises infrastructure needed.

Everything you need in an enterprise unified communications platform

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Truly unified communications

Dialpad isn’t just a business phone system. It’s a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform that streamlines all your phone calls, video conferencing, SMS/MMS + instant messaging, screen sharing, and more—into one intuitive app. Meet face-to-face with colleagues, customers, and prospects from anywhere, anytime.

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An integrated contact centre

Do you have a contact centre team? Whether you’re supporting customer experience, sales, or other types of agents, Dialpad Ai Contact Centre is fully integrated with the UCaaS solution. That means your supervisors and agents can message each other, handle customer calls, and more— without toggling back and forth between different apps.

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24/7 customer support

Whether it’s 3am or you’re on the other side of the world, Dialpad offers 24/7 live chat and phone support worldwide for all Enterprise plan customers. Not only that, but you can also search the extensive online Help Centre anytime to find answers to frequently asked questions.

A video call in Dialpad.

Plays nice with any device

Dialpad works across desktop and mobile devices including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. And yes, even the contact centre platform works on mobile. It’s also fully browser-based, which means you can both host and join video calls in a web browser—which is particularly convenient for clients and prospects who don’t want to download an app to join your meeting.

Does your enterprise need a robust communications platform?

See why organisations like WeWork, Xero, and Fenway Health are using Dialpad to manage phone calls, instant + SMS/MMS messaging, video conferencing, and more—in one intuitively designed platform. Book a demo, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app!

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Robust security

Not only can Dialpad help you stay GDPR (both UK and EU versions)-compliant, it also has a range of in-meeting security controls, like the ability for the host to remove unwanted guests, admit attendees from a virtual waiting room, mute participants, and more. Just a few reasons why a range of enterprises across regulated industries like insurance and healthcare are using Dialpad!

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Integrations with the tools you already use

A good enterprise collaboration solution should integrate with your favourite tools. From Salesforce to Okta to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, Dialpad integrates with a wide range of popular enterprise systems to give your organisation the automation and real-time analytics you need to make data-driven decisions. Want a custom integration? Build your own with APIs!

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Meet Dialpad Ai

One of the most unique things about Dialpad is its proprietary artificial intelligence, Dialpad Ai. Not only does it transcribe voice calls—in real time, more accurately than almost all leading competitors—it can also do other things, like automatically pop up Real-Time Assist cards for contact centre agents to help them talk through tricky questions with customers!

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Choose your caller ID

With Dialpad, you can make calls and send text messages from your mobile phone—while shielding your personal phone number. Just choose the caller ID you want to display from the dropdown before you make the call!

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Visual voicemail

If you’re in a meeting or just can’t get to the phone, Dialpad’s visual voicemail feature transcribes your voicemail messages so that you can read them instead of listening to each one. It’s much more convenient, and helps you make sure you don’t miss an important business phone call or message.

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Call recording

Whether you want to automatically record all of your calls or manually record a specific call, Dialpad gives you the freedom to record, save, categorise, and play recordings, right from the app. This comes in handy when you’ve forgotten an important detail or need to make a staff onboarding playlist!

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Easy call routing

Set up and make changes to your call routing in minutes, right from your online dashboard. No need to contact a support team, no need to wait for hours or days for changes to be implemented.

Dialpad's pricing plans:

  • USD $
  • CAD $
  • EUR €
  • GBP ÂŁ
  • NZD $
  • AUD $
  • JPY ÂĄ

Find the right plan for you

  • Unlimited calling
  • Unlimited Ai Meetings for up to 10 participants
  • SMS, MMS & team messaging
  • AI-powered call & voicemail transcriptions
  • Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integrations
  • Real-time analytics & reporting
  • Web & chat support
  • All the value of the Standard plan, plus:

  • 24/7 live agent support
  • CRM integrations (Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Zoho & more)
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • 10 office locations
  • Multiple phone numbers per account
  • Open APIs & Webhooks
  • Global SMS capabilities
  • Local number support in 70+ countries
  • 25 ring groups (departments)
  • Enterprise

    All the value of the Pro plan, plus:

  • 100% uptime
  • Unlimited office locations
  • Unlimited ring groups (departments)
  • Dial-by-extension
  • Integrations with leading SSO providers (Okta, OneLogin)
  • Azure AD SSO integration
  • Data retention policies
  • Priority live agent support
  • Why UK businesses choose Dialpad for their enterprise communication services

    Dialpad makes it easy to scale

    Dialpad’s enterprise business communications system can be up and running by the end of the day. Set-up is effortless, requiring a simple download as opposed to endless telephone cables, server rooms, and office space. Update and add users right from your dashboard:

    Managing or adding phone numbers v3 blog size

    Whether your employees are in the office or remote working, Dialpad’s design is intuitive and requires little training to get to grips with. It’s especially useful if you’re hiring in big numbers, when a strong comms tool is essential for enterprise transformation.

    Once you’re set up, the management tools will keep your business and contact centre running like a fine-tuned machine. You can easily view KPIs and analytics from your dashboard, and send notifications, tasks, and reminders to the team. Streamline your workflows with CRM integrations for increased productivity and a better customer experience.

    Now that it’s all softphone-based, it’s five minutes and done to set up a new hire. Grab a number and go. And to set up new offices, within a week we’re good to go for a whole brand new location.

    Randy Tanenhaus
    IT Manager at ClassPass

    High-quality calls, all around the world

    Dialpad’s communication infrastructure harnesses the power of the cloud and its global voice network to deliver high-quality calls around the world.

    Beyond that, you get all of the communications tools and functions that are expected for a modern contact centre: video calling, screen sharing, file sharing, and more.

    A fully integrated UCaaS + CCaaS solution

    Dialpad’s enterprise communications system and open API can bring all of your communication platforms together into one ecosystem.

    Uniquely, we’ve built both a UCaaS and CCaaS platform in-house, and both are integrated into one ecosystem. This means you can find the perfect plan (and pricing option) for your needs, ensuring your agents, employees, and supervisors are connected across one cohesive user interface.

    Gain analytical insight with Dialpad’s in-house AI, and see where your telecoms strategy has room for improvement. You won’t be restricted by using different service providers because everything is found in one place.

    Find out why Dialpad is the top choice in unified communications for enterprise businesses

    Dialpad is trusted as a leading enterprise voice and communications platform in every major industry, combining diverse communication channels, analytical functions, and more on one easy-to-use platform.

    Whether you’re looking for an enterprise unified communications system or a Contact Centre as a Service platform, Dialpad has all bases covered. See how it works today with a demo!

    Looking for a secure + versatile enterprise communications solution?

    Dialpad empowers organisations to handle all their business communications from one intuitive, easy-to-administer platform. Book a demo to see how it works, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app on your own!

    FAQs about enterprise communications

    What should I look for in an enterprise communications platform?

    An enterprise communications platform should be built for ease of use across large organisations.

    Above all, it must be intuitive and accessible for everyone from your management to new employees—not just your IT team! Simple tasks like adding or removing users, managing phone numbers, or adjusting call settings should all be easy to do, but must also be rapidly scalable. That means your daily workflows should offer automated time-saving solutions to cut workloads.

    Dialpad’s features list is extensive, but we make sure that we nail the basics, too. You can expect high-quality international calling, 100% platform uptime for Enterprise plan customers, and real-time analytics, all at your fingertips. Not many enterprise VoIP solutions can say all that.

    Is enterprise communications more secure in the cloud?

    What security considerations should enterprises keep in mind when choosing a communications platform?