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Streamline onboarding, track performance, and build better customer experiences with our Ai Coaching Hub.

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Ai Coaching Hub

Effective coaching

Improve agent and seller performance with call monitoring and immediate feedback.

Comprehensive metrics

Our Dialscore feature gives managers and supervisors a holistic view of agent and seller performance to help pinpoint areas for improvement.

Efficient QA processes

Streamline your QA process with Ai recommendations for all your call reviews

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End-to-end customer satisfaction

Empower your team to deliver the best customer experiences at scale. With in-the-moment coaching for sellers and agents, it’s easy to train teams in real time and respond effectively to customer needs.

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More efficient supervision

Dialpad's Ai Coaching Hub gives supervisors complete visibility into team performance through its leaderboard feature, making it easy to identify where additional training and resources are needed.

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Streamlined coaching workflows

Bring all coaching activities into one place, so you can provide timely feedback and build better-trained, more cohesive teams. Managers can track CSAT scores, monitor average hold times, and track missed calls—all at a glance.

Ai features teams love

Real-time recommendations

Our Ai draws your attention to struggling agents during calls, so you can offer additional support in real time.

Customisable leaderboards

Track agent performance with customisable leaderboards, tailored to your specific needs.

Live calls widget

Get live recommendations on which ongoing calls you should monitor, allowing you to make live interventions and offer agents real-time feedback.

Completed calls widget

Dialpad Ai recommends which completed calls should be reviewed, streamlining the QA process for managers.

Robust metrics

'Dialscore' provides a comprehensive, data-driven view of agent performance, simplifying grading and enabling more targeted coaching.

Single source coaching

Whether you need to identify which agents need help or grade completed calls, Coaching Hub lets you manage all your coaching needs from a single interface.

Advanced Ai capabilities

Powered by Dialpad’s advanced Ai capabilities, Coaching Hub simplifies coaching workflows and helps deliver more effective training.

4B minutes of conversational data

Coaching Hub uses Dialpad’s extensive analysis of conversational data to deliver coaching recommendations with industry-leading accuracy.

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