Computer screen showing Dialpad's VoIP phone system user interface

VoIP phone system

Dialpad includes everything you need in a VoIP phone system—and much more, all in a single UCaaS solution (Unified Communication as a Service). Communicate in real time with teammates and clients through phone calls, video meetings, messaging, and more. See how it works with a free trial. It takes just a few minutes, and you'll be set up with a virtual business number too!

What are VoIP systems?

A VoIP system is a type of phone system that lets you place phone calls and send messages via the internet. Unlike traditional landline systems, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions don’t use physical phone lines. They're typically compatible with computers, cell phones, and IP phone systems too.

The benefits of using Dialpad as your VoIP telephone system

VoIP telephone systems are a huge improvement over their traditional office phone and IP telephone systems counterparts because of their flexibility. Here are just a few of the benefits of Dialpad’s UCaaS platform.

It scales with you

When you want to add more users to your Dialpad platform, you don’t need to worry about securing new phone lines or handsets or going through complicated setup processes. Instead, you can simply add new accounts right from your online dashboard, have your employees download the mobile and/or desktop apps, and be ready for them to get started straight away:

Screenshot of adding and managing phone numbers from Dialpad's online dashboard.

No hardware

Worried about purchasing a new headset for every call centre agent or about installing and maintaining expensive hardware? With VoIP phone solutions like Dialpad, you don’t need to be. VoIP solutions are fully software based, and the responsibility for maintaining them falls exclusively on your VoIP service provider.

Robust security

Enterprise-level solutions require enterprise-level security, which is why Dialpad has robust security features to protect your data. Alongside being compliant with GDPR, Dialpad can also help you maintain HIPAA compliance if you have US-based clients in healthcare.

Crystal clear video and voice call quality

Dialpad's unique dual-cloud architecture and global voice network are designed to give you HD VoIP calls around the world.

All the VoIP phone system features your business needs—and more

Dialpad isn't just a business phone VoIP solution. It's a fully unified business communications platform that comes with every communication channel (internal and external) that you need.

Screenshot of a video conference happening in Dialpad's desktop and mobile app.

Truly unified communications

VoIP business phones on their own are a decent replacement for traditional office desk phones. But if you communicate through not only phone calls, but also video calls and SMS/MMS + team messaging, then you need a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution. For most businesses today, it's more cost-effective to use a VoIP provider that can cover all of these other business communication channels too.

Screenshot of porting a phone number from Dialpad's online dashboard.

Easy number porting

Making the switch to a business VoIP phone system but want to keep your existing phone numbers for your customers' convenience? Our team will help you port your phone numbers over with minimal downtime.

Screenshot of adding a call forwarding number from Dialpad’s online dashboard.

Easy call forwarding

With a VoIP business phone system, missed calls should be a thing of the past. Call forwarding helps make that happen and with Dialpad, you can set up five forwarding numbers to send missed calls automatically to your mobile phone or a colleague.

Think Dialpad's just a
VoIP phone system?

Dialpad is a versatile, truly unified communications platform that lets you manage all your everyday communication channels in one place. Book a demo to see how easy it is to use or, take a self-guided interactive tour of the app!

Screenshot of Dialpad's call routing options.

Custom call routing

Let callers route themselves to the right person or department. With Dialpad, you can set up and adjust your call routing, auto attendant, and IVR options with just a few clicks from your online dashboard, reducing the length of your call queue and creating a smoother experience for your customers. (Call transfers are also easy to do right from the desktop app!)

Screenshot displaying how to view call recordings from Dialpad's desktop app.

Unlimited call recordings

A good telephony solution should let you retain a record of your communications. With Dialpad, you get access to both real-time transcripts of your conversations and a recording of any calls you took part in, letting you easily review past conversations and meetings afterward. Contact centre managers can also easily create training playlists for agents using call recordings from past customer conversations.

Screenshot showing Dialpad Ai transcribing a contact centre agent's phone call in real time.

A fully integrated contact centre

If you're running a contact centre or customer support team, and need a hosted contact centre platform... Dialpad also has a fully integrated CCaaS product. This lets contact centre agents communicate with each other via video meetings, messaging, and voice calls using the same app and interface they’re using to connect with customers. The result: less context-switching, more streamlined workflows, and a more cost-effective tech stack.

Business communications with Dialpad: More than just a VoIP phone system

Is it time to think bigger than VoIP services and basic phone calling apps? If phone calls aren't your only communication channel, then the answer is probably yes.

With Dialpad, you get a truly unified UCaaS + CCaaS platform with a built-in business VoIP phone system, that lets your team handle all external and internal communications in a single, intuitively designed app.

See how it works for yourself!

Not just a VoIP phone system

Need a unified communications platform that can help you streamline all your channels (and monthly subscription fees) into one easy solution? Try Dialpad for free and see how easy it is to get set up!

Frequently asked questions about VoIP phone systems

What’s the difference between VoIP and PBX phone systems?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a legacy on-premises phone solution. It’s hardware-based, meaning PBX solutions need to be installed manually in offices, whereas VoIP solutions are software-based and don't require on-premises hardware.

VoIP describes a type of telephony technology, that lets you make phone calls over the internet. Today, many PBX phone system providers have tried to evolve their technology and are now calling their products internet phone systems, hosted PBX solutions, and cloud PBX phone systems. It can get confusing, so if the type of technology is important to you, make sure to ask the Sales teams detailed questions about the differences between their solution and other competitors.

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