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Dialpad Ai

It can transcribe your meetings—in real time—track keywords that come up on customer conversations, detect customer sentiment, and even automate post-call summaries. If you have conversations at work, you need Dialpad Ai. Book a product tour to see how it works.


Dialpad's artificial intelligence is designed to help organisations drive sales, gain competitive insights, improve customer service, and get more out of the conversations they're having every day.

Natural Language Processing

Dialpad Ai is built using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyse the conversations that you have with customers—in real-time. NLP then processes the incoming conversation data to accurately capture and transcribe it, word-for-word, into an easy-to-read format.

Machine learning

Built-in machine learning helps Dialpad Ai improve over time. The more your organisation uses it, the more it learns from your conversations—and the more accurate it gets when transcribing. With time, call transcripts will increase in accuracy as Dialpad Ai is able to process the more subtle nuances and unique vocabulary used by your business and industry.

Voice recognition

Fun fact: Dialpad Ai is able to distinguish between speakers in the transcript, so you always know who said what:

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What can Dialpad Ai do, exactly?

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Real-time transcription

Dialpad Ai can transcribe your conversations in real-time and show you a running transcript as the meeting is happening. And it can do it even more accurately than almost all competitors out there.

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Live call sentiment analysis

Do you have a contact centre team? Supervisors can easily monitor multiple calls at once by looking at the sentiment of any current live call between agents and callers. Notice a call with negative sentiment? Just open up the transcript to get more context before jumping into the call.

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Post-call summary

When you wrap up a call, Dialpad's artificial intelligence gathers your transcript, action items, highlights, and any manual notes into an easily digestible call summary, so you can quickly recap important discussion points and follow up with teammates or customers.

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Easy on/off toggle

Want to turn off Dialpad Ai for super-sensitive conversations that you don't want to record or transcribe? You can do that with a click right from your call screen.

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Real-time assists

Have customer support agents or sales reps who might need some on-call coaching? With Dialpad Ai, you can create Real-time Assist (RTA) cards with tailored notes and set them to trigger automatically when certain keywords or phrases are spoken on calls. It's like coaching—at scale.

See Dialpad Ai in action!

Book a demo to see how Dialpad's artificial intelligence works, and how it can help you and your team get more out of the conversations you're already having every day. Or, take a self-guided interactive tour of the app on your own first!