Self service chatbot user interface

Ai that works
for you

Dialpad’s self-service solution makes it easy to provide virtual customer assistance.


As natural as speaking
to a live agent

A customer receiving an automated support

Automated support, 24/7

Deliver instant answers. Simply connect your knowledge sources—including your website, CRM, ticketing system, or unstructured sources—and Dialpad will handle the rest.

A faster, smarter bot...right out of the box

With Dialpad, you can build automations and workflows in minutes—no coding needed. Support customers 24/7 with zero wait times, and customise workflows as you go to any industry or use case.

Infinitely scalable, always learning

Ongoing machine learning continuously improves the customer experience, business processes, and knowledge over time to increase automation and customer satisfaction.


Create conversational
experiences at scale

A customer browsing the FAQs

Insights that impact the customer experience

Identify missing knowledge sources (from questions being asked by customers for which no answer can be found), and where customer journeys start, end, or are interrupted.

Dynamic conversations and auto-dialogue

Design a conversational experience that actually sounds real. Dialpad can create dynamic conversations from your knowledge base and search results. No pre-training or decision trees needed.

Deep Semantic Search

Dialpad's Ai can perform deep semantic searches and organise unstructured data. It can search your website, FAQs, and even other data sources like PDFs to come up with the best answers for your customers. And, it'll even be able to search past support calls.


Faster answers, without
lifting a finger

An agent speaking to a customer

From digital deflection to digital resolution

Provide smarter digital experiences and reduce the need for live agent engagement. Drive your call centre costs way down. Push your CSAT and NPS scores way up.

Streamlined agent escalation

Make it easy and seamless for customers to switch from self-service to a real person if needed. Customers can quickly transition from any digital channel to a voice call with just a simple click.

Arm agents with answers in real time

With Dialpad, your live agents will also always have the answers, thanks to Real-time Assist (RTA) cards that automatically pop up on their screens when tricky topics come up on calls.

Loved by the world’s most innovative brands

More than just a chatbot

Deep search

Perform lightning fast and highly accurate deep semantic searches, many times faster than typical website search capabilities.

Nonstop optimisation

Our cognitive Ai model is constantly learning and optimising. With every question, it gets better at searching the right knowledge bases and finding the right answers for your customers.

Robotic Process Automation

Access instant process automation that provides clarity during complex interactions and increases the efficiency of data capture forms.

Journey discovery

Create guided journeys that are tailored to different types of website visitors. This way, your customers can see information that's relevant to them.

Workflow orchestration

Create intricate website dialogues to automate more customer interactions. With Dialpad, you can even integrate rich media and video content.

Built-in analytics

Know how your customers are interacting with your self-service features—and where you might need to refine that experience for them.

Provide 24/7 support,
with no wait times

With Dialpad's unique self-service features, both your customers and agents can get answers in seconds and resolve issues faster.