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See why MarketStar calls Dialpad a "platform for transformation," not a phone system

« Dialpad nous permet de voir le nombre d'appels passés, leur durée... et les moyens déployés pour obtenir un tel chiffre d'affaires. »
Katie Clemson
Cheffe d'équipe

MarketStar is a global sales and marketing outsourcing company (learn more about outsourcing contact centers) providing sales solutions for the world’s leading and emerging companies such as Pinterest, Dropbox, and Samsung. With over 30 years of proven success, MarketStar is a true leader in revenue acceleration.

Before Dialpad, the MarketStar’s sales organization was relying on an outdated on-premises phone system with limited features. The team was feeling emotionally drained—having to manually make dial after dial, leaving the same voicemail repeatedly, without any insights into their call performance. All this while being tied to their desks so they wouldn’t miss a call.

MarketStar made the switch to Dialpad and saw immediate results

The sales team now has the flexibility to take calls from any device, wherever they are, so there’s never a missed opportunity or deal.

Using Dialpad, the reps have increased productivity using features like voicemail drop, which lets them drop off a pre-recorded message in a call and quickly move on to their next phone call:

Voicemail Drop in Dialpad

And thanks to Real-time Assist (RTA) cards, the team is never at a loss for words. RTA cards are essentially battlecards that pop up—in real-time—based on preset trigger words. 

real time assist card in Dialpad

RTA cards have been huge in helping MarketStar decrease their ramp time for new reps by providing a helping hand during live conversations.

The sales team also has access to data about their call histories and performance—including transcripts, call length, sentiment, and more. This data helps MarketStar become more effective in sales by providing managers with the information they need to better coach their teams.

Now, with the help of Dialpad, MarketStar can now focus on what they do best: closing deals.

« Plus qu'un système téléphonique, je considère Dialpad comme une plateforme de transformation. »
Keith Titus
Président-directeur général