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Secure conference call

With Dialpad, your online meetings and data are protected by our secure conference call platform and robust privacy features. Book a product tour to check it out!

Security backed by the cloud

Created by the team behind Google Voice, every Dialpad Meetings account is encrypted and backed up on the Google Cloud Platform. When you join a conference line from the web, the setup for the call is protected by DTLS, and once the conference begins, your audio and/or video is protected by SRTP, a secure protocol designed specifically for transferring real time media.

Say goodbye to uninvited attendees

If you’ve ever had an online meeting with uninvited guests, then you know how much of a pain they can be. With Dialpad, there are several features to help you prevent random accounts from suddenly popping up on your calls without warning.

  • Someone's on the conference line: Organizers will be notified when participants are on the conference line, even if they haven't joined the meeting yet.
  • The meeting doesn't start until the organizer is on: You can adjust in your settings so that the conference cannot begin until the organizer is on the line.
  • Option to PIN: With Dialpad Meetings Business accounts, you can have a PIN-less, easily accessible conference line. If you want more control over your conference, you can always choose to have a PIN.
  • Who's In the meeting: Easily view all the participants inside of the conference and approximately where they’re joining from.
  • Remove uninvited attendees: Notice someone on your conference line that you don't recognize? Remove any participant with a click.
  • Lock the conference line: Got everyone you need? You have the option to lock your conference line to stop anyone else from joining the room, so your online meeting can carry on without interruptions.

Manage your conference call's privacy

Your admin can easily adjust privacy and security settings for the whole company. Within your Admin portal, you can choose who—the Admin or anyone on the team—gets to moderate security measures like enabling:

  • PIN de la téléconférence
  • Conference recordings
  • Joining permissions
  • In-meeting chat permissions

Want more secure conference calls?

Try Dialpad for free! Sign up for a 14-day free trial to test drive all the security settings.

FAQs about secure conference calls

Is Dialpad HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Dialpad is HIPAA-compliant with the signing of a Business Associate agreement. For more information, check out the Trust Page.

Comment retirer une personne de ma réunion en ligne ?

Where is Dialpad's data stored?

Mon partage d'écran sera-t-il conservé ?