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Warm up the cold call with HD quality plus real-time coaching powered by AI.

Because every closer needs a little help getting there.


The conversion rate for face-to-face meetings for new prospects


Sales reps using their personal cell phones


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How it works

Bring it all under one roof with native CRM integrations that automate data entry and let reps focus on the conversation.

Track call volume, top moments, and sentiment to pinpoint coachable moments and identify top performers.

When something works, you want to share it. With playlists, managers can do just that with a library of sales calls greatest hits.

Give your team tools that help them answer tough questions right in the moment they’re asked.

Features that matter

Since implementing Dialpad Sell, we've been able to ramp employees quicker, get them on prospect calls sooner and produce enhanced results for our clients.

Keith Titus
CEO at MarketStar

  • Sales Communication Platform

    Video conferencing, dialer, and SMS all in one place so your data is connected and your team isn't overwhelmed with tools.

  • Real-time Sales Coaching

    Use speech coaching to let reps know if they’re speaking too quickly, too slowly, using too many filler words, or talking too much.

  • Post-Call Analytics

    Uncover insights and best practices with call analytics and dashboards.

  • CRM Integration

    Autolog calls, transcripts, and notes to your CRM so no data is lost.

  • Objection Handling

    Voice Intelligence helps reps say the right thing on a call with battle cards that display in real-time.

  • Coaching Groups

    See any call’s sentiment, jump in and assist reps, save at-risk deals, and identify the best coaching opportunities.

  • Voice Intelligence

    Voice Intelligence uses Speech Recognition to transcribe calls; Natural Language Processing to analyze; and Machine Learning to provide intelligent recommendations--all in real-time.

  • Phones & Headsets

    Dialpad supports a wide range of phone handsets, and we offer several models directly to our customers who need a one-stop shop.

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