Global Voice Network

Connect remote and international teams on one business communications solution that powers HD voice from device to device, continent to continent.

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The Life of a Call

Carrier Grade Quality Meets Cloud Scalability

The call begins

First, it starts by placing a call but exactly how and where that call gets routed is determined via our Split-Cloud architecture.

The software cloud

When the call is initiated, our software routing engine determines the best connection path for the call.

The voice network

Next, our voice network connects the call via the highest quality path. We keep the audio portion isolated and in-region for superior quality.

A smarter call

Once audio is flowing from caller to caller, Dialpad’s native Voice Intelligence layer provides real-time natural language processing to provide AI on every call (ex: capturing action items said during a meeting).

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Why All This Matters

HD Call Quality and Encryption

Rather than tying you to the same data center, Dialpad intelligently routes every call so it has the shortest path to travel. And with a voice network that’s connected globally via MPLS (and available for customers to connect to), you’re getting end-to-end quality control no matter where work happens.

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Real Time Synchronization

With Dialpad all your conversations stay in sync so you’re never caught off guard. Whether it’s a recent email, Salesforce activity, or switching between devices, everything you need to get work done is right where you want it.

Real time sync

Unlimited Scalablility

When you build in the cloud, the sky’s the limit. From spinning up international offices to providing localized service in 50+ countries, Dialpad offers a modern and flexible path to team growth.

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A Trusted Partner

Customers of all sizes trust Dialpad to power their business conversations all over the world.