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Qu'est-ce que Dialpad ?

Dialpad helps you communicate with your team and customers. What’s unique about Dialpad is our built-in speech recognition (Dialpad Ai) which provides insights on how you communicate with customers to improve their experience. We’re also the only truly unified communications solution out there.

Here are some of our key products:

How to use Dialpad?

How long does this take to deploy?

Aren’t you like every other VOIP provider, how are you exactly different?

What kind of reporting does Dialpad have?

How does the Salesforce integration work?

How does the Zendesk integration work?

How are you different than Gong?

We use Outreach voice / Salesloft, how is Dialpad different?

What’s the difference between Dialpad Ai Contact Center and Zendesk Talk for reporting?

Why would I choose Dialpad for call center or basic phone needs over Talkdesk?

How are you different from Microsoft teams?

How does Dialpad integrate with Slack?

Dialpad Ai Voice

What's the difference between a department and a call center?

Departments are a great solution for a group of users that experience fairly low inbound call volume (think: Finance or Marketing) vs a Dialpad Ai Contact Center which is really geared towards handling medium to high level inbound volumes. Additionally some features are available as a part of the call center experience vs a department—things like, sentiment analysis across live calls so managers know exactly how the customer's experience is going and when and where their attention is needed.

Does Dialpad support any kind of executive-assistant pairings?

Do I have to notify callers that I'm recording the call?

Puis-je utiliser un téléphone de bureau avec Dialpad ?

Can I use my cell phone?

What kind of hardware would I need to buy?

Can I keep my number?

Are there any network requirements?

Do I have to make calls on WiFi or can I use my cell service?

Do you offer any out of the box integrations?

If I need more numbers, how do I get them?

What call routing options do you offer?

Do you have an IVR or Auto Attendant feature?

Prenez-vous en charge les fax ?

Do you support SMS/MMS?

Do you support video calling?

Do you have call blocking?

What voicemail features do you offer?

Dialpad Ai Meetings

What is Dialpad Ai Meetings?

Conferencing is a pain. With Dialpad Ai Meetings, it doesn’t have to be. Dialpad Ai Meetings gives you an easy, powerful, and pain-free way to schedule and run conferences, all without requiring annoying PINs.

How is Dialpad Ai Meetings different?

How much does Dialpad Ai Meetings cost?

Combien de personnes peuvent participer à un appel en même temps ?

De quoi ai-je besoin pour utiliser UberConference ?

Where is Dialpad Ai Meetings available?

How do I get started?

Do all Dialpad Ai Meetings users get Video and Dialpad Ai?

What Dialpad Ai features are available with Dialpad Ai Meetings Business?

Is the call summary available to all users?

Does Dialpad Ai Meetings come with every Dialpad product?

More questions?

Dialpad Ai Contact Center

How many queues are available within an inbound call center?

It's a 1:1 ratio—every call center includes one call queue (hold queue) to filter your inbound calls to.

Les appels sont-ils facturés à la minute ?

Quelles sont les intégrations disponibles avec Dialpad Ai Contact Center ?

What coaching features are available?

Do you support the whisper functionality?

Quels rapports en temps réel proposez-vous ?

Dialpad Ai Sales Center

Les appels sont-ils facturés à la minute ?

Dialpad Ai Sales Center call pricing starts at $0.01/min for inbound and $0.02/min for outbound calls within the United States. Additionally, there is an inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min per Agent, per call center.Should you wish to add a toll-free number, there will be an inbound toll-free per minute fee of $0.02/min.

Dois-je forcément signer un contrat lors de mon achat de Dialpad Ai Sales Center ?

Do you need to purchase both Dialpad Ai Voice and Dialpad Ai Sales Center?

We use Outreach / Salesloft, how is Dialpad Ai Sales Center different?

How does Dialpad Ai Sales Center help tenured AEs?

Quels rapports en temps réel proposez-vous ?

Quel type d'assistance est inclus dans mon compte ?


Dialpad peut-il nous aider à satisfaire aux exigences de conformité PCI ?

Dialpad offers two options to customers in order to help them maintain their PCI Compliance.

Option 1: Agents have the capability to pause their recordings in order to take payments data over a call

Option 2: Dialpad offers an API to programmatically stop/restart recordings for users based on actions taken in payment systems.

Les intégrations Dialpad sont-elles sécurisées ?

Dialpad protège-t-il contre les appels indésirables ?

Quelles mesures de protection contre les attaques visant les applications Web Dialpad applique-t-il ?

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