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Speech analytics

Your contact centre handles myriad customer interactions, so how do you capture actionable insights from all of them? You use speech analytics software, which automatically detects customer sentiment and monitors agent activity to help you make informed decisions. See how it works with a product demo of Dialpad!


What is speech analytics software?

Speech analytics software is a solution, somewhat similar to conversational AI, through which speech recognition technology is used to listen to and analyse spoken conversations. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), it can identify words, sentiment and tone, plus audio patterns such as delivery speed.

The software is mostly used by contact centres but has advantages for any company with regular customer communication. Conversational intelligence isn’t just for steering real-time phone calls either; Dialpad’s text analytics can also glean insights from transcribed calls.

You can use a speech analytics solution for either live or recorded calls. Live analysis helps contact centre agents to handle unhappy customers while they’re still on the line, while post-call analytics highlight areas for improvement.

What contact centres can do with Dialpad's speech analytics software features

Dialpad Ai transcribing a phone call in real time

Spot problem areas more easily

Are certain competitors coming up in conversations repeatedly? Maybe you’re interested in why customers call to ask for refunds. Program these words and phrases into Dialpad to track how often they come up in conversations and provide a better customer experience.

Dialpad transcribing a call with a customer who's asking for a refund

Reduce churn

Retaining customers is important for a business, so what if you could anticipate and solve issues before customers leave? A speech analytics tool like that built into Dialpad can help you pick out recurrent problems quicker. For example, create Custom Moments to track how often “money back”, “cancel”, or “refund” come up in customer conversations.

Screenshot of Dialpad's real time assist card feature popping up helpful notes for an agent or rep when a tricky question comes up on a call

Coach agents at scale

What if an agent needs assistance during a phone call? With Dialpad, contact centre managers and supervisors can see live sentiment analysis for each call, read real-time transcripts of phone calls agents are on, and message them with advice.

Dialpad's built-in contact centre analytics dashboard

Provide a great customer experience while reducing costs

Use customer insights from calls to improve quality assurance and monitoring efforts, reduce the number of repeat calls and ultimately improve customer satisfaction for less. In general, the cost of speech analytics tools is more than paid for by their positive impact on the customer experience.

Dialpad's API automatically pausing a call recording for compliance during a sensitive customer call.

Easily identify and address compliance issues

Compliance is a priority for contact centres in many industries. As well as adhering to legislation relevant to your niche and jurisdictions in which you operate, in most places, you must also ensure customers consent to their call being recorded. The solution? Build custom APIs to automatically identify compliance issues in customer engagements.

Interested in speech analytics?

From helping you improve your FAQ self-service knowledge base to finding new ways to provide the best customer experience possible, the uses are endless. Book a demo of Dialpad to see how it can work for your agents, or take a self-guided tour of the app first!

The benefits of speech analytics in contact centres

Improves customer service and satisfaction

With real-time speech analytics and call transcription, contact centre staff can pick up on and react to issues quickly. They don’t have to wait until after the call to listen to a recording or read a transcript; the software recognises negative sentiment and flags it instantly.

Agents then have the chance to turn things around during the interaction, while managers can listen to customer calls and offer live coaching. Speech analytics is also behind Dialpad’s AI-powered RTA cards or call pops, which pop up to assist agents when triggered by keywords or phrases.

Post-call analytics reveal ways to improve the customer journey. This means you can pass on common complaints to other departments, and add frequently asked questions to your knowledge base. Problems are thus resolved with less effort, helping to reduce customer churn.

Enhances contact centre agent productivity

Artificial Intelligence enables companies to analyse large amounts of data quickly and easily, which boosts productivity. Thanks to AI and automation, staff don’t have to listen to every call recording and perform their own analysis. Speech-to-text transcription also eliminates note-taking during phone conversations.

Speech analytics can streamline your workflows by helping agents resolve queries faster—for example, by suggesting the best actions. Dialpad’s integrations with CRMs like Salesforce enable you to receive real-time transcriptions and automatically log customer interactions without toggling away from those tools.

Contact centres can use the insights from call recordings and transcribed speech (such as customer sentiment and frequent keywords) for training purposes. For instance, to show agents examples of positive and negative interactions to demonstrate how they can improve.

👉 Dialpad tip:

Combine speech analytics with call monitoring tools, such as agent activity heatmaps, to evaluate performance and provide targeted support.

Assures quality and security of customer data (and compliance)

Collecting and accessing quality data is essential for making intelligent decisions. The more data you have, the more you’ll understand your customers’ needs and their feelings toward your company. Speech analytics is more reliable than voice of the customer data, and especially surveys, which can often have a low response rate.

Conversation analytics also helps you optimise your marketing efforts by identifying trends in customer interactions, behaviour and preferences. You can use call data to personalise experiences, too (just make sure your system keeps it safe and secure, as Dialpad does).

Real-time speech analytics is also often used to avoid compliance breaches. For example, if an agent forgets to inform a customer that the call is being recorded, software may be able to flag it instantly so the agent can correct themselves. Managers can watch for these near-misses and provide extra training where needed.

Improve your contact centre experience with free speech analytics software features from Dialpad

Dialpad’s speech analytics software features give you the deepest insights into customer sentiment and behaviour thanks to NLP and machine learning capabilities (making its live transcriptions more accurate than Google’s).

Real-time and post-call voice analytics show you ways to improve the contact centre experience for both customers and agents. This is perfect for omnichannel contact centres as text analysis can also be applied to any written communication, including email, chat, and social media.

Dialpad Ai Contact Centre is part of this unified communications platform, which means you also get a VoIP phone system with advanced call management, video meetings, and instant/SMS/MMS messaging. In short, everything you need to run a successful contact centre.

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FAQs about speech analytics software

How can speech analytics help in a contact centre?

Speech analytics helps contact centres deliver a better customer experience by providing insights into needs and preferences. When it’s used in real-time, the software flags negative sentiment and enables agents to turn a difficult call around. Post-call analytics reveal trends over time.

Speech analytics also improves employee experience management, allowing supervisors to target training and spot which agents require extra support. This is important for agent satisfaction, reducing turnover in an industry where it’s notoriously high.

How do I use speech analytics for contact centres?

What is real-time speech analytics?