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International calling

Dialpad gives businesses international calling, virtually anywhere in the world—at some of the lowest rates available. Whether you're collaborating with a remote teammate or close a sale that's two time zones away, Dialpad keeps you connected when it matters. Try it free with a 14-day trial!

Making small businesses look like global enterprises

Whether you have clients in Milan or remote workers in Hong Kong, even small businesses can operate like Fortune 500s.

Dialpad's international calling makes it easy to have video meetings, close the deal, and collaborate with anyone around the world—just as easy as it would be if they were in the same building.

More than just international calling

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High-quality international calls

Enjoy crisp and clear international calls with Dialpad. Using advanced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies like WebRTC and Opus codec, Dialpad lets you have crystal-clear, truly HD voice calls from Mexico to Malaysia.

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Truly unified communications

Dialpad's leading VoIP and telephony technology is just one part of its unified cloud communications platform. Have video meetings and send instant / SMS messages—all from the same app that you use to make phone calls.

Get started with international calling

Need to do lots of international calling for work? Book yourself a product tour of Dialpad to see how easy it is to use it for making phone calls, having video conferences, and more!

How to enable international calling with Dialpad

International calling is a feature that’s available on all Dialpad Talk plans. To start making international calls, purchase international calling credits to add to your account. (Here's how.)

Once the credits have been added, you can begin making calls to your customers, clients, suppliers, and vendors all over the world.

How to make an international call in a few easy steps

Calling internationally is easy on the Dialpad app—and you can do it in pretty much the same way on any device including your computer, cell phone, desk phone, and more.

On Dialpad's desktop app:

  • Type '+' followed by the country code + number you want to call.

On Dialpad's mobile app:

  • On the number pad, hit +, then dial the country code and number you want to call.

Sur votre téléphone de bureau :

  • Dial '011', followed by the country code and number you wish to call.

Veuillez noter que les appels internationaux ne sont disponibles que dans certains pays et que certaines fonctionnalités peuvent ne pas être disponibles dans cette zone d'appel.

Frequently asked questions about international calling

When do international calling rates apply?

Any time you call another other country that’s outside your office designation, international calling rates will apply. Dialpad's plans all include free unlimited local calling in your country, the US, and Canada.

Quand les crédits d'appel sont-ils utilisés ?

Quels pays puis-je appeler gratuitement ?

Quels pays puis-je appeler depuis mon compte Dialpad ?

Are there any other restrictions on international calling?