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Fun fact: Even though many consumers today are increasingly using live chat, text messaging, and other channels to interact with businesses...

People still call companies. Whether it’s to ask simple questions or complicated questions, or to complain, or to leave feedback, for some reason phone calls are still very much a thing.

Which is why you’ll most likely still need a wireless business phone system—and a business phone number.

What’s the easiest way to get both? We’ll show you. First, let’s look at what exactly a business phone number is and how it’s different from your typical phone number.

What is a business phone number?

If you run a business and need a way for customers to reach you, the first thing you need to do is to get a business line. And it’s not just for customers either. (Think about if you ever have to reach out to vendors, investors, the post office…)

A business phone number is basically a dedicated line specifically for your business. Some folks (especially small business owners) can get away with using their personal number for business calls—but once your business grows to a certain point, that’s not ideal anymore. Imagine getting five or six customer calls every day, at all hours of the day, on your personal phone. It’s not good for work-life balance.

Why get a business phone number with Dialpad?

There are different ways to get a virtual phone number for your business—and some might even claim that they’re free. But one of the best (and easiest) ways to get a business phone number is to get it with a virtual phone system or unified communications provider.

For example, Dialpad is a full-fledged communications platform with a built-in phone system.

And its Talk plan has different pricing tiers (starting at $15 per user per month) which all give you unlimited minutes (in your home country, the US, and Canada) and unlimited SMS text messages (in the US and Canada), free video conferencing, free team messaging, A2P messaging, conference calls, call transcriptions, and more.

And the best thing? You get a business phone number with the area code you want, for free, no matter which of these plans you choose. Here are just some of the other things you get for free when you get a business number with Dialpad:

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Easy setup

Whether you want a new business phone number or just want to port your current number over, it’s incredibly easy to do in Dialpad. In Dialpad, you can add new virtual phone numbers (or manage phone numbers for your team) any time with a click of a button.

Call Forwarding Single Item Card

Call forwarding

Heading out of the office, but don’t want to miss an important business call? Dialpad's call forwarding feature will send all your incoming calls to another mobile phone, a landline, or even your colleague. Worried about reception? Set a landline as one of your call forwarding numbers! You can set up call forwarding to five external call forwarding numbers.

Single Item Card Choosing Caller ID

Customizable caller ID

Dialpad is designed to let you work from anywhere, and that includes letting you make calls on your personal cell phone while shielding your personal number. When you make a call from Dialpad’s desktop or mobile app, you can choose which business number you want to pop up on caller ID.

Single Item Card DND

Keep your work-life balance

If work-life balance is important to you, then a “do not disturb” feature is essential, especially if you’re using your personal phone for work. With Dialpad, you can have incoming calls sent to your voicemail inbox (or someone else)—and keep using your phone for personal phone calls and messaging—without worrying about clients calling you after business hours.

Get started with a business phone number...

... Along with a unified communications platform. Sign up to try Dialpad for free!

Man gibt einfach die Vorwahl ein und es gibt immer eine Liste. Ich war bisher immer in der Lage, eine zu bekommen. Und dann wird sie mit einem Telefon verknüpft und fertig. Es ist einfach superschnell, ein Telefon bereitzustellen.

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👉 Did you know?

You don’t always have to wait days or weeks for a telecom company to set you up with a virtual phone number. With Dialpad, for example, it can take just minutes to get set up. That’s one of the biggest advantages of using a cloud phone system that uses VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, technology. (The other big benefits of VoIP are that they tend to be much less expensive and easier to set up compared to traditional phone systems.)

Video on desktop on mobile Single Item Card

Any device, anytime

One of the best things about Dialpad is that you can use its softphone app on any device. Whether your personal cell phone is an iPhone or Android—or even if you’re using PC or Mac—Dialpad works on all of them (yes, even iOS devices like iPads). Plus, Dialpad's call flip feature lets you flip a phone call from your computer seamlessly to your phone (and vice versa) without dropping the call!

Single Item Card Call Recordings


Some business phone providers charge exorbitant amounts of money for call recording. Dialpad doesn’t. Call recordings are useful in so many ways—they’re great for training because new hires can hear firsthand how to handle difficult calls, they can help your team adhere to compliance measures, and much more.

Single Item Card Live call to intl number

Excellent call quality

With Dialpad’s global voice network, which is designed to prioritize call quality, your phone calls will be crystal clear, no matter where in the world you’re calling. Hey, we have HD video—why not HD audio?

Call Routing Options Single Item Card

Auto attendant

An auto attendant or a virtual receptionist is a feature that greets callers when they call you and presents them with the different menu options. Once your caller makes a choice, the auto-attendant automatically transfers the call. If your business gets a lot of inbound calls or if you're spending too much time on manual call routing, you probably need this!

4 types of business phone numbers to be aware of

1. A local phone number

You can get a local phone number from your local phone company (or through a multi-line phone system provider like Dialpad). Setting it up doesn’t take long, and when customers see their area code in your small business phone number, they’ll think you’re a local business (even if you’re not). This is a big plus if you’re catering to a local community.

2. An international phone number

International phone numbers let you handle calls from other countries and build an international presence for your business. Each country comes with its own country codes. (For example, if you want to call someone living in the United Kingdom, you need to dial +44 and then the phone number.)

3. A toll-free or 1-800 number

Traditionally, toll-free numbers were provided by businesses to let their (domestic and international) customers call them without incurring charges. Today, companies still use toll-free numbers for different reasons.

Some might use them as part of a specific marketing or infomercial campaign, while others might use them because they make your business look like a bigger organization (because it used to be that only big businesses could afford these toll-free numbers—which is no longer the case).

If you have a good business phone system, it can be really easy to set up a toll-free number. For example, here’s how it works in Dialpad. You just go into your online account and add a number yourself!

Adding a toll free number in dialpad
👉 Did you know?

All of Dialpad’s phone plans come with toll-free number support!

4. A vanity phone number

1-800-FLOWERS. 1-800-CONTACTS. Hastings Direct’s 0800 00 1066 is an example of aThese are just a couple of examples of vanity phone numbers. They should be a memorable number combination, or tell you what the company is. This makes it catchy—and easy to remember!

Get a virtual business phone number in minutes with Dialpad

There are plenty of business VoIP service providers on the market. But with Dialpad, you get much more than just a phone line or a business phone number.

It’s a full-fledged unified communications platform that’s easy to use (it was built by the team that built Google Voice, after all), and has a variety of pricing plans to choose from.

Whether your business is using desk phones, cell phones, or computers (or all three), if you need to be able to get business phone numbers easily and quickly, you should check out Dialpad.

Vanity numbers were (and in some industries still are) very popular because they’re easy to remember and can be a great marketing tool. You can also set a vanity number up to be a word or phrase like in the examples above, or just a memorable string of numbers.

Need a business number?

Get one in minutes—along with a unified communications platform. Sign up for Dialpad’s 14-day free trial to take it for a test drive!

FAQs about business phone numbers

How do I get a business phone number?

Getting a number through a traditional PBX provider can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Folks who want to avoid that will generally sign up for a virtual business phone number, which is much simpler. Usually, you’d sign up for a free trial. For example, you can sign up for Dialpad’s 14-day free trial, which takes just a few minutes and will set you up with a new working number immediately. From there, you can add users, set up voicemail, and decide if you want more local, toll-free, or international numbers (or all three).

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