Zoho CRM Integration


Zoho CRM is used by many businesses as a single repository to bring sales, marketing, and customer support activities together. Now with the Dialpad for Zoho CRM integration, businesses can save their agents time and let them focus on sales by reducing tiresome app switching and automating sales tasks.

Bring communications into sales, marketing, and customer support activities with Dialpad for Zoho CRM, empowering agents in real-time with customer data and history and creating a more personalized experience to drive sales revenue.

With the latest integration, teams and managers can stay engaged, effective, and efficient from anywhere in the world with a mobile-first, cloud-based integration.

Zoho Dialpad Contact Creating and Logging 2
Zoho Dialpad Contact Syncing 2
Zoho Dialpad Logging and CTI 2
Zoho Dialpad Call Activitiy Logs


Native Integration

  • Native sidebar within and desktop apps
  • Quick access to deal tagging, and call notes/tasks
  • Möglichkeit, Anrufe in Dialpad mit bestehenden Abschlüssen zu verknüpfen

Protokollierung von Aktivitäten

  • Automatically log both inbound and outbound calls
  • View recent activity with quick links to Zoho CRM
  • Ability to agent notes in sidebar during calls


  • Automatische Anzeige von Kontaktprofilen innerhalb von Dialpad
  • Includes quick link to jump into Zoho CRM
  • Creation and logging of new Zoho CRM contact/lead from Dialpad calls

Zusätzliche Informationen

The Zoho CRM integration is available at no cost for Dialpad TALK, SELL & CONTACT CENTER users on PRO/ ENTERPRISE Plan.

On the Zoho front, customers need to be using one among the following Zoho editions to be able to use this integration with Dialpad

  • Standard

  • Professional

  • Enterprise

  • Ultimate