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Business phone app

Dialpad is more than just a business phone app—it's a cloud-based UCaaS solution that lets you make phone calls, have video meetings, and send SMS/MMS messages, all from one place. Connect your team members and clients with exceptional call quality, whether they’re using desktop, laptop, iOS, or an Android mobile phone. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to try it now!

What is a business phone app?

A business phone app is a desktop or mobile app that you can download onto your computer or phone, that lets you make phone calls.

Traditionally companies installed landlines and PBX or other legacy phone systems to keep their teams connected. These days, many are instead opting for online VoIP services, which achieve the same result—and some— by using apps that work using the internet.

Business phone apps are typically accessible via a web browser or a platform’s app store. Through this app, some providers let you assign agents or other users a “virtual number” which they can use to make phone calls.

Some modern business phone apps, like Dialpad, let you do other things too, like have video conferences and even send team messages. Dialpad's UCaaS platform has a phone app that includes all of these features, making it a versatile unified communications solution.

Does your small business need a phone app?

There are several scenarios that indicate your business is ready for a business phone app. For instance:

  1. You need to make calls regularly on-the-go from your personal mobile phone, and you want to have some separation between your work calls and personal calls. A business phone app will let you make calls and send texts from your business number while shielding your personal number.

  2. Your team is dispersed and staff work from home or use different devices. In this case, they’d have an easier time using a cross-platform business phone app.

With Dialpad’s business phone app, you get features such as:

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Advanced VoIP technology

Dialpad uses a special flavour of unique VoIP technology and a global network that together, allow you to make calls over Wi-Fi or an internet connection and provide incredible call quality around the world.

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Easy to admin from anywhere

With Dialpad, you can work from anywhere and manage your own business lines and hours—you’re not tied to a landline phone service. Dialpad is incredibly easy to manage for admins. You can add new users, add a second phone number or new phone lines, and more—all in your online account.

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Overall cost-effectiveness

Dialpad updates automatically and there’s no expensive hardware to maintain, which makes it more cost-effective over the long term—for small businesses all the way up to enterprises.

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Call forwarding

Forward calls from a landline or smartphone to any number. With Dialpad, you have a maximum of five external call forwarding numbers so that you can forward calls to colleagues (or your other devices).

👉 All the communication channels you need at a low cost:

If you’re looking for a business phone calling app that’s easy to use and cost-effective to run, Dialpad's Ai Voice plans start from as little as $20 per user, per month.

Need a business phone system with a desktop and mobile app?

Dialpad's plans start at just $20 per user per month, and give you fully unified communications in a beautiful desktop and mobile app. Try it free for 14 days, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app first!

More than a business phone system

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Truly unified communications

Beyond phone calls, Dialpad's app also lets you do video conferencing, send instant and SMS messages, and more—all in one convenient place.

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Call transfers

On traditional phone systems, you had to look up small business phone numbers and personal numbers in a manual or on a cheat sheet in a binder somewhere in order to transfer a call. With Dialpad, call transfers take only a few seconds. Just type out a contact’s name and Dialpad will pull up everyone in your company directory.

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Business text messaging

Need to text or send a message to teammates or clients? What’s unique about Dialpad is that you can send both SMS and MMS text messages externally and internally within your business from the app.

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Easy call routing

Want to route calls based on different rules, like round-robin or skills-based routing? How about setting up a multi-level auto attendant or updating IVR rules? You can do it all in a few clicks, right from your online dashboard.

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Protect your personal number

Making work calls from your mobile phone? Protect your number by choosing your caller ID to show up as whatever you want, from your personal number, to your company’s local number.

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Real-time transcriptions

If you have important conversations with prospects and customers on the phone, it’s useful to have call recordings and transcripts as records of these calls. Dialpad can transcribe your calls—in real time.

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Custom voicemail greeting

Not only do you get to customise your voicemail greeting in Dialpad, you also have a visual voicemail feature that transcribes your voicemail messages for you. This way, if you’re stuck in meetings all day and can’t listen to your messages, you can still read them and see if you missed any important calls.

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Keep your work-life balance

After you get off work, set the app to Do Not Disturb mode to send calls after business hours automatically to voicemail or auto-reply with an SMS. This way, you can still use your phone for personal calls.

The benefits of using a phone app for your business

Better call tracking and call management

Mobile apps for business offer significantly more communication functions than legacy phone line systems. For instance, an auto attendant could manage high volumes of incoming calls during your most active business hours.

Features like this are easy to set up and admin with a phone app, as opposed to old telephony infrastructure.

Your team can run more efficiently with phone app features like call forwarding and call transfers, allowing your team members to escalate matters to supervisors as issues arise and more. A call recording feature could then be used for retroactive evaluation, providing you with key materials for staff training and onboarding.

Dialpad makes it easy to adapt and grow your business processes. Easily access statistics from your dashboard—such as phone call length, number of agents online, and phone line congestion—so you can plan optimum business hours for your agents to work.

Plus, you can shave time off daily work procedures with features like voicemail transcription, allowing your team members to access the information they need at the click of a button.

Easier for customers to reach your business

Whether they’re one-off ecommerce orderers or larger business clients, your customers will inevitably want to reach you by phone. You need to make this process as easy as possible for them.

One solution is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu for incoming calls. This can provide your customers with options to help them find the right call handler—easing the pressure on your team and ensuring a seamless customer experience. IVR is a fundamental function of most good business phone services.

Phone apps also let you keep your smartphone’s personal number separate from business lines. Dialpad’s custom caller ID provides you with the tools for this—allowing you to choose whichever business phone number you prefer to show up for each outgoing call.

Custom caller ID makes it easier for your customers to know who’s calling them, plus it protects your privacy. And if you can’t reach the phone? Send text messages or automated notifications to keep callers in the loop.

Better collaboration with your remote and hybrid teams

Dialpad is the perfect platform for keeping global, dispersed teams connected. Our unified communications platform is built for day-one usage, with no need to install business desk phones when you can call directly from our mobile app or web browser.

Your management team can easily set up conference calls for weekly meetings or internal business communications processes like onboarding, feedback reviews, and human resource updates. Set automatic reminders and notifications to ensure that no one misses meetings due to poor calendar management.

Dialpad’s integrations with service providers like Microsoft and Google Voice offer unparalleled accessibility to your team members. These integrations are sure to boost employee productivity—useful for everyone from new team members to senior management.

Want to get started with your own business phone system in Australia?

Built by the team behind Google Voice, Dialpad's communications platform is easy to use and designed to scale flexibly with your business.

Even Dialpad’s most basic Ai Voice plan includes all the features listed here. Whether you are a small business owner or run a global enterprise, you can communicate with prospects, customers, vendors, and more—all from Dialpad's business phone app.

Get started with a business phone app

Get started on your computer or mobile device in just a few minutes with a virtual phone number. Sign up for a free 14-day trial and download the app to try it out for yourself, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app first!

FAQs about business phone apps

What are business phone systems?

At their core, business phone systems provide you with the tools to take incoming calls and make outgoing calls. Ultimately, they’re responsible for keeping your business and its clients connected, so it’s important not to overlook their features lists.

Whether you opt for a legacy landline solution or a virtual phone system like Dialpad, there are some communication features that are simply a must have. For instance, the ability to set a custom voicemail message for when you’re on holiday or outside of business hours is something you should expect even from a free business phone app.

Of course, Dialpad aims to deliver above and beyond these expectations. As well as being built for ease-of-use, our business phone service is integrated into a feature-rich unified communications platform.

How does a business phone app work?

What can I expect with Dialpad's small business phone plans?