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What is a virtual phone number? Find out what you can do with a business phone number that isn’t tied to physical phone lines. Get a virtual phone number included with Dialpad's unified communications platform in just minutes with a free trial. Try it now!

If the past few years have taught us anything it’s that businesses, particularly those in the communication field, can’t afford to be rigid. What employees expect from a job has changed dramatically and many business models have adapted to remote or hybrid working arrangements.

If you need a phone number for your business or for your home-based staff, getting a number with local telecom companies isn’t guaranteed—nor may it even be worthwhile anymore.

You can make sure your AU/NZ business stays ahead of the curve with a virtual phone number, ensuring you can be remote, yet still accessible to your customers and prospects. You can even get a local area code to boot.

Securing a virtual phone number in Australia and New Zealand is easy with Dialpad’s unified communications platform and you can also benefit from numerous other features.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a number linked to an online account with a provider, as opposed to a specific location. It’s sometimes called a softphone or a virtual landline.

Old school telephony systems tend to use an analog setup with desk phones, and numbers are linked to local PBX exchanges/phone lines.

On the other hand, you can get virtual business phone numbers from a VoIP provider (Voice over Internet Protocol, which is essentially a technology that lets you make virtual phone calls over your data or Wi-Fi—basically any kind of Internet connection) and use those VoIP numbers to make and receive calls.

People calling you on a virtual or online phone number won’t be able to tell the difference—to them, it’ll be as if they’re just calling a regular telephone number.

You can also get these virtual phone numbers on your desk phone or mobile, which makes them very flexible and ideal for employees (like salespeople) who need to make a lot of business calls from their personal mobile phones while on the go.

How to get a virtual phone number for your AU/NZ business in 2 easy steps

1. Sign up for a free 14-day trial at (Fun fact: Dialpad was built by the people behind Google Voice.) It takes just a few minutes and you can sign up with your Google or Microsoft 365 account to speed things up even more.t.

2. That’s pretty much it. You can pick a virtual business phone number in step 2. Signing up for Dialpad also gives you a virtual phone system—definitely take it for a spin over your 14-day trial and try it out. If it’s not for you, you can close your account at the end of the trial.

Why get a virtual business phone number with Dialpad?

Dialpad’s Ai Voice plan starts at just $20 per user per month, but even the least expensive version comes with:

  • The virtual phone number

  • A virtual business phone system

  • Unlimited calling in Australia, the US, and Canada

  • A fully unified communications platform that lets you have video meetings and send instant and SMS messages

  • Unlimited call recordings

  • Other business essentials like custom voicemail greetings, an auto-attendant, call forwarding service, custom outside-of-business-hours call routing, and more

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Better call pickup rates for your outbound efforts

One of the major benefits of a phone number online is that it can give your business a local presence—without the need for having a physical one. You’ll be able to register a local number on third-party company directory websites like Google My Business, even if you don’t technically have an office in the area that relates to the local area code.

If your business makes a fair amount of outbound business calls to prospects, you or your reps usually have a much better chance of people picking up your call if the caller ID shows a local phone number.

You can use it across different devices

With traditional phone numbers, you usually have one number per physical phone. With virtual phone numbers and more modern business phone systems (like Dialpad), you can make and receive calls on a digital phone number using your mobile phone, desk phone, or even computer.

No more being stuck to your desk to have phone calls. Need to run errands in the middle of the workday or pick up your kids? Dialpad’s app lets you make sure that anyone dialling your virtual business number will ring your mobile phone.

You don’t need two phones anymore

With the mobile (or “softphone”) app, what that also means is you can get a virtual mobile number on your personal device. For example, if you run a plumbing or home services business, you can have your virtual business phone number on your personal mobile so that your clients can reach you throughout the day—without having to carry two phones, and without customers calling your personal number.

It’s cheaper

Physical landlines require an initial fee for all of your equipment because you’re basically building a mini telephone exchange in your office. You’ll also likely have to pay rental fees, maintenance fees, and fees for extra lines when your business is ready to expand. Ouch.

With Dialpad, you don’t have to pay any of these fees, and there aren’t really any costs beyond the price of your monthly or annual plan. If you need to add more (or remove) users, you can easily do that in your online account, which means you’re only paying for what you need.

What you get with a virtual number from Dialpad

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Truly unified communications

Even with Dialpad's most basic plan, you get a robust communications platform that includes phone calls, video meetings, and instant + SMS messaging, all in one desktop and mobile app.

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Plays nice with any device

One of the best things about Dialpad is that you can use its softphone app on any device. Whether your personal cell phone is an iPhone or Android—or even if you’re using PC or Mac—Dialpad works on all of them (yes, even iOS devices like iPads). Plus, Dialpad's call flip feature lets you flip a phone call from your computer seamlessly to your phone (and vice versa) without dropping the call!

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Real-time transcriptions

Dialpad's artificial intelligence, called Dialpad Ai, is built by our own team from the ground up. What does it do? Not only does it transcribe calls—in real time—it also helps contact centre teams in particular with Real-Time Assist (RTA) cards and keyword tracking in conversations.

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Easy call forwarding

Forward your phone calls to your mobile, your colleague, another department, or even a landline. With Dialpad, you get a maximum of five call forwarding numbers.

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Customisable call routing

No more waiting for an IT team to change your settings. With Dialpad, you can make changes to your IVR and routing on your own, in minutes, right in your online dashboard. Round robin? Skills-based routing? Set it up however you like!

Need a virtual phone number for your AU/NZ business?

Get one in just a few minutes—along with a unified communications platform that lets you handle both outbound and incoming calls. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Dialpad to try it out, or take a self-guided interactive tour of the app first!

How much does getting a virtual phone number with Dialpad cost?

If you’re looking for a virtual business phone number, you can get that with any of the three pricing plans for Dialpad Ai Voice (Dialpad’s business communications product):





Starts at $20 per user per month

Starts at $35 per user per month

Custom pricing for larger businesses and more complicated needs

Virtual number?

✅ Includes 1 local virtual phone number per user

✅ Includes 1 local virtual phone number per user

✅ Includes 1 local virtual phone number per user

Additional numbers?

✅ Local or international virtual numbers

✅ Local or international virtual numbers

Porting numbers?

✅ Local and toll-free porting if you need it

✅ Local and toll-free porting if you need it

✅ Local and toll-free porting if you need it

Unlimited inbound and outbound calls in your country, the US and Canada?

FAQs about virtual phone numbers

Are virtual phone numbers safe?

Yes, phone numbers online can be safer than analog telephone lines, but as a rule, make sure to check your provider’s security certificates before you invest.

For example, Dialpad has robust security standards and is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR).

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