Mobile phone showing a call with caller ID display, being received through Dialpad's app

Caller ID

With so many spam calls flying around, it’s no surprise that customers are reluctant to answer the phone if they don’t know exactly who’s calling. With Dialpad’s customisable caller ID, you can choose the number that your customers see when you call them, making sure that they have no reason to decline.

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What is caller ID?

Caller ID is a telephone service that provides the number of the calling party to the recipient, if the information is available.

Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) is a similar service that can display the name of the caller. While this is technically a separate service, it’s become synonymous with caller ID to much of the general public.

How caller ID works

When you make a phone call, your phone number is transmitted to the telephone exchange, along with a multitude of other call setup information. This information is processed by the recipient’s phone, which then displays the number that’s calling them.

The telephone exchange, or the carrier receiving the call, may look up the name associated with the incoming number in a database and also display this if it’s available.

For traditional landline phones, the number displayed is the one that’s registered to the phone line in use. The same is true for mobile phones, with the number displayed being the one registered to the device (or SIM card) used. If the number calling is assigned to an entry in the user’s contacts, this will also be reflected on the incoming call screen.

When it comes to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, however, the caller information can be modified. This allows callers who use VoIP services to essentially choose what caller identification is displayed when they make outgoing calls.

The information displayed can even be different from call to call. VoIP users can often adjust the call ID they use to suit the individual customer they’re calling. This allows businesses to use different phone numbers or online caller ID for their sales, customer support, and general enquiry line, without having to use multiple phone services.

All the features of a caller ID app and so much more

With Dialpad, caller ID solutions are just the beginning. As a fully realised, AI-powered collaboration platform, Dialpad gives you everything you need to take all your business communications to the next level.

Screenshot of porting a phone number from Dialpad's online dashboard.

Easily set up caller IDs

Dialpad gives you the power to easily set up your caller ID, exactly how you want it. You can port existing phone numbers, add new users, and establish a virtual phone number. Thanks to admin features that are accessible through an intuitive and easy to use online dashboard, setting caller ID is a breeze.

Choosing a caller ID to display when making a work call from one's personal cell phone using Dialpad's app.

Adjust caller IDs to suit your needs

You can easily toggle between different caller IDs with just a couple of clicks. Choose the number that best suits the call you’re making, whether it’s that of your sales department, customer support centre, or your personal number. You can even withhold your caller ID altogether, should you need to.

Screenshot of a video conference happening in Dialpad's desktop and mobile app.

Desktop and mobile apps

A desktop and mobile app makes it possible for you to place outbound calls whenever you need to, wherever you are. Caller ID is available on all Dialpad’s apps, giving you the same calling options on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Screenshot of an international call being made in Dialpad's desktop app

International, local, and toll-free numbers

Dialpad gives you access to a wide range of different phone numbers, ensuring that you’ve got a caller ID for every situation. International, local, and toll-free numbers (like 0808) can all be selected. That allows your sales reps to make outbound calls from numbers that their leads will recognise, increasing the chances of them picking up the phone.

Screenshot of Dialpad connected to Salesforce CRM

Integrations with your other business tools

Dialpad has integrations to connect to the platforms you’re already using. Integrate Dialpad with your CRM solution of choice to make calls and send messages without having to switch between apps. Plus, access the history of your customer interactions, so the next time you need to call, you know exactly which caller ID to use to get them to pick up, first time.

Benefits of caller ID for businesses

A custom caller ID can provide a range of benefits for businesses, both large and small.

Protect your personal numbers

It’s increasingly common for business calls to be made from personal mobile devices, especially if you’re a small business owner.

Using a customisable caller ID allows you to make calls from your personal devices, without sharing your personal number with the whole wide world.

Because Dialpad allows you to choose the number that appears when you place a call, you can make sure your personal number stays private.

Improve answer rates of your calls

Choosing the caller ID you display helps you to improve the chances that your outbound calls will be answered. Customers are typically more likely to answer calls from numbers that are local to them

With Dialpad, for instance, you might use a UK phone number when you’re calling British customers, then switch to a US phone number if you call customers across the Atlantic. This makes sure that every customer you call sees a caller ID that’s local to them, without you ever having to move an inch.

It’s not just country codes you can change, either. You can even use caller IDs with different local area codes, allowing you to show even more local flavour.

Better for remote and hybrid working

With remote and hybrid working on the rise, it’s increasingly common for workforces to be spread across geographically distinct locations. Traditionally, this would make it difficult for you to maintain a sense of continuity across your teams, with every team member calling customers from a different number.

With customisable caller ID, however, you can have all your team use the same number when they’re calling customers, regardless of where they’re located. This helps you to keep things simple when it comes to company telephone numbers.

Reach more customers with customisable caller ID

With a customisable caller ID, you can choose exactly how your business is presented when you make a call.

Not only does this help you to build a cohesive, unified brand, but it also maximises the chances that your customers will pick up the phone when you ring.

With Dialpad, you get total freedom over the caller ID you choose. Regardless of where your customers are based, you can reach them on a number that’ll inspire recognition and trust.

Get started with custom caller ID

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👉 Dialpad tip:

You can always opt to dial 141 before your recipient's number to block your caller ID or 147 to unblock it.

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