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International conference call

International conference calling enables you to connect with people around the world. With Dialpad, make free conference calls to international participants and collaborate with callers globally. Book a product tour to see how it works!


What is an international conference call?

International conference calling enables you to host conferences with attendees from across the globe. No matter which continent they’re on, you can invite teammates, clients, and prospects without restriction.

Dialpad makes it easy to connect by sending a simple meeting link for participants to click on.

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All your communications in one place

Beyond phone calls, you can also host video meetings and send instant + SMS messages—all from Dialpad's desktop or mobile app.

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Call forwarding

Forward calls to any five phone numbers you want. Send calls to your mobile phone, your colleagues, even landlines.

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Real-time transcriptions

One unique thing about Dialpad is its proprietary AI technology, Dialpad Ai, which can transcribe phone calls—in real time—even more accurately than almost all leading competitors.

Want to see how it works?

If you're interested in international conference calling, book a demo of Dialpad to see how easy it is to get started. Or, take a self-guided interactive tour of the app on your own first!

How to invite participants to an international conference call

If you have a Dialpad Business account, participants can easily join your toll-free international conference call using a unique meeting link. This is generated when you set up the call.

If you have participants outside the UK, they’ll need to use international dial-in numbers in addition to this meeting link.

Here’s a comprehensive list of dial-in numbers for some of the countries you may connect to:

Argentina: 011 5352-7853

Australia: (02) 8417 2302

Austria: 0720 883760

Belgium: 02 808 40 28

Brazil: (11) 3500-8339

Bulgaria: 02 491 6412

Canada: (647) 694-4842

Colombia: (1) 5087553

Croatia: 01 7776 564

Cyprus: 25 030290

Czech Republic: 228 881 354

Denmark: 69 91 25 10

Dominican Republic: (829) 954-8429

El Salvador: 2113 1872

Estonia: 668 3205

Finland: 09 42450409

France: 01 82 88 57 11

Greece: 21 1198 3594

Hong Kong: 5808 3219

Hungary: (1) 408 8251

India: 08071 279 191 and 08071 279 254

Ireland: (01) 525 5652

Israel: 072-223-7397

Italy: 06 9480 3196

Japan: 03 4578 0172

Lithuania: (8-5) 214 0245

Malaysia: 03-9212 1770

Malta: 2778 0968

Mexico: 01 55 4628 2602

Netherlands: 020 808 4062

New Zealand: 09-887 3488

Panama: 833-9020

Peru: (01) 7087243

Poland: 22 307 18 02

Portugal: 308 802 875

Puerto Rico: (787) 919-0379

Romania: 031 630 0092

Singapore: 3158 0641

Slovakia: 02/334 183 24

Slovenia: (01) 888 82 12

South Africa: 087 551 7697

Spain: 911 23 89 04

Sweden: 08-408 394 78

Switzerland: 022 518 08 35

Taiwan: 02 7705 4488

United States: (401) 283-2000

The benefits of international conference call services

Increased collaboration opportunities

The more people you can reach, the more of them you can collaborate with. Free conference calling literally opens up a world of opportunity, giving you access to experts, prospects, and clients from all over the globe.

With Dialpad, your collaboration opportunities aren't limited to people within commuting distance of your office. You can work with the very best people the international community has to offer—and you can do so with ease.

Enhanced productivity and smoother operations

Communication is key to any team effort, and free conference calling adds an extra string to your communications bow.

Efficient, global video conferencing makes your teamwork more streamlined and effective. Plus, Dialpad gives you a whole host of extra features, including screen sharing and more.

Dialpad isn't just an international conferencing platform though; it's a complete communications centre, which allows you to gather all your channels in one easily accessed and intuitive platform.

What's more, integrations mean you can cross-reference data from various apps and platforms with your communications data at the click of a button. For example, you can compare CRM data with voice call transcriptions to get a clear, nuanced picture of how common issues are impacting customer satisfaction.

All of this makes your workflows smoother and improves your productivity.

Cost-effective and convenient conference calling

It’s easy to dial into a call with Dialpad. No matter where they are in the world, participants can join your free online meeting using a simple meeting link.

Dialpad is also highly cost-effective. Our free Dialpad Meetings account, for example, allows you to hold free unlimited video meetings for personal use. For just £10 per user, per month, the Business plan introduces greater functionality and more features for commercial use.

Get started with Dialpad as an international conference call system

Dialpad gives you free international conference calls for up to 10 participants at 45 minutes per meeting. It also allows you to up those limits significantly—and add more features—for just £10 per user, per month on our Business plan.

That’s not all though. Dialpad also provides a total, comprehensive unified communications solution if you want to keep all your business channels in one place.

Through this, you can optimise your communications and get closer to clients, customers, and collaborators, using features like real-time audio transcription, conversational intelligence, visual voicemail, and more.

Get started with international conference calls

Want to take Dialpad for a test drive? Sign up for a free 14-day trial in just minutes to get set up with a virtual business number!

FAQs about international conference calls

How can I call international numbers for free online?

With VoIP technology , it’s now easier than ever to call international numbers online. Dialpad, for example, gives you unlimited calling in the UK, the US, and Canada. Dialpad Ai Meetings, too, offers a free plan that lets you make free international video conference calls.

How do I set up an international conference call?