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Free conference calling

Conference calling is something you’ll be doing a lot of in this age of remote working. For companies that want to stay connected, Dialpad Meetings offers unlimited free video conferencing with employees, clients, prospects, or investors no matter where in the world they’re located.

How does conference calling work?

A good web conferencing tool will keep you in touch with everyone you need to communicate with—without the burden of having to travel.

A conference call works just like any other call, with Dialpad Ai Meetings' free plan giving you the option to enjoy calls with just audio or video and audio conferencing across desktops, iPhones and other mobile phones, and any other device you wish.

More than a free conference calling app

Dialpad Ai Meetings has a plan that provides free video conference calls to customers, with an expanded Business plan at just £10 per user, per month. This means you can accommodate more conference call participants for longer. With Dialpad, you’ll also get:

Video conferencing in desktop and mobile app single item card

Audio and video calling

With Dialpad Ai Meetings’ free plan, you have the option of both voice-only and also video conference calls. (And in-meeting messaging!)

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Keep meeting crashers out

Even a free conference call should come with some basic security. With Dialpad Ai Meetings, the host can lock a call once everyone has joined to prevent unwanted guests from getting in.

A video call in Dialpad.

Fully browser-based

Even though you have the option to use the app, Dialpad Ai Meetings is also browser-based, which means that not only can you join conference calls from your web browser, you can also host conferences from a browser—with all the features you'd find in the app.

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Plays nice with every device

With Dialpad Meetings, it doesn’t matter if you're using iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. Web conferencing works across both desktop and mobile devices—and it's fully browser-based, which means you and your clients can host and join meetings without downloading the app if that's more convenient.

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Easy set-up for meetings

All you have to do to get started is sign up for the free plan! Get your team to download the app (if you’d like), and start having conference calls.

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In-meeting chat feature

Want to ask a question during a call without interrupting the speaker? Dialpad’s in-meeting chat and emoji reactions let participants stay engaged in the conversation in a non-intrusive way.

Ready to get started with free conference calls?

Start meeting virtually for free with your colleagues, clients, and prospects. Dialpad has two pricing plans—if the free plan isn't enough, just upgrade to the Business plan for longer meetings and/or more larger meeting sizes!

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Unlimited conference call recordings

One unique thing about Dialpad Ai Meetings is you get unlimited audio call recordings, which many providers charge extra for. You can get unlimited video recordings on the Business plan, too.

Screen sharing in Dialpad is great for teaching and guiding prospects during consultative selling

Screen sharing

If you need to review designs with your clients or team, or need to do any document sharing, a screen sharing and/or whiteboard feature is a must. Dialpad lets you share your whole screen or just a tab, and also integrates with Miro to let you do virtual whiteboarding.

👉 Side note:

Even a free conference call should come with some basic security. With Dialpad Meetings, the host can admit guests via a virtual waiting room, lock a call once everyone has joined, block screen sharing, and more.

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Find the right plan for you




Free unlimited video meetings for personal use

  • Host up to 10 participants
  • Meet for up to 45 minutes
  • Instant join on desktop or mobile browser with no downloads
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Unlimited audio recordings
  • Business



    $20 USD if billed monthly
    Advanced collaboration with built-in meeting Ai for larger teams

    All the value of the Free plan, plus:

  • Host up to 150 participants
  • Meet for up to 5 hours
  • Ai meeting transcriptions
  • Automatic action item capture
  • Automated post-meeting summaries
  • Unlimited video recordings
  • Custom hold music
  • Meeting room hardware integration
  • The benefits of using a free conference call app

    Initiates clear and direct communication

    Communication is critical for businesses. Whether you’re talking to team members, prospects, customers, or investors, it’s vital you can communicate clearly and directly. Any easy to start conference call or online meeting—with no downloads required—ensures you can always get on the same page with ease and in real-time.

    Offers more convenient workflows and promotes innovation

    With Dialpad Meetings, whoever you need to speak to is only ever a click or a tap away. That means you can quickly align with colleagues to get a project back on track, check in with your customer support or customer care teams, or hold that crucial client meeting wherever you are—you can even invite participants who don’t have the app.

    As well as streamlining workflows in those ways, a conference call also offers a forum for innovation. When your team can all collaborate remotely, ideas are sure to flow.

    Allows easy reference to past conversations

    With the right solution, it couldn’t be easier to look back on what was said on a conference call or in an online meeting. Even on the free plan, you get unlimited audio recordings. Plus, with the Business plan, you get video recordings, too, and both live and post-meeting transcriptions.

    Amplify your meetings with a free conference calling service—and much more—from Dialpad

    A modern, professional business needs an integrated conferencing service that delivers more than just video chat.

    With Dialpad, you get unlimited free conference calling in the UK (both high-quality video and audio). But that’s not all. You also get an intuitive mobile app, screen sharing capabilities, unlimited audio recordings, handy software integrations, and more—all on the free plan!

    Get free conference calling with Dialpad Ai Meetings

    Try the free plan to get unlimited free video meetings, or book a demo with our team!

    FAQs about free conference calling

    What is conference calling?

    Conference calling is a method of hosting meetings by phone or over the internet with multiple people. You can use Dialpad’s free conference calling service to hold conferences remotely, with no need to travel. Callers can simply speak and collaborate online, from wherever they are.

    How do I use a free conference call app?

    How do I get started with free conference calling services?