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Boost sales
& customer
loyalty with Ai

Empower your team at every stage of the automotive customer journey with Ai-powered business intelligence, live coaching, and workflow automation.

Loved by automotive teams big and small


Create personalized customer experiences

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Connect with customers wherever they are

Curate personalized customer experiences throughout the automotive buyer's journey with automated context collection. Field support questions, share upcoming offers, and send appointment reminders on any channel.

Get a 360-view of the automotive buyer's journey

Track the full digital-to-call experience to see which campaigns, channels, keywords, and pages drive the most calls to your dealerships. And surface insights from all your conversations to better understand your prospects' interests and objections.

Offer 24/7 customer support

Our conversational Ai connects to all your internal knowledge sources, delivering automated, natural-sounding answers for customers in real-time. Customers can schedule appointments, ask questions, and get personalized vehicle recommendations—all without connecting to a live agent.


Build high-impact automotive sales teams

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Connect to more buyers

Reach more customers and book appointments in less time with our automated Power Dialer and Voicemail Drop features⁠—all fully integrated with your CRM or DMS.

Never miss a customer inquiry

Connect customers to the right auto sales rep at the right time⁠—on any device. Our built-in Ai assistant transcribes calls, tracks action items, and delivers it all to your inbox in a post-call summary.

Turn conversations into conversions

Dialpad Ai can also track customer sentiment and empower sellers with live recommendations, objection handling, and more. Plus, you can support sellers during and after conversations with real-time coaching and post-call analytics.


Empower automotive
teams with custom workflows

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Easily route & escalate calls

Give your agents the tools they need to prioritize interactions effectively, and move your most important conversations from chat to voice in one click.

Collaborate in one, beautiful workspace

Automatically log conversations from a single app. You can also leverage our open API platform to build custom workflows. Connect your CRM or DMS software and create automations for marketing campaigns, lead management, payment reminders, and more.

Boost customer satisfaction

Combine sentiment data, SMS surveys, and real-time CSAT scores to identify ways of improving customer satisfaction. Managers can also uncover trends to help sellers tailor recommendations and personalize interactions.

See why automotive teams love Dialpad

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“It’s been extremely valuable for our sales team. Reps can be reached from anywhere on their phones, and they can switch devices and not break the call with the customer.”

Kevin Maher JR
General Manager
Automotiv factory

“We use Dialpad QA Scorecards every day for our call reviews. With it, managers have a better view of how their teams and agents are performing—so everyone can improve.”

Lance Schley
Director of Call Center Operations
Car mechanic automotive industry

“If a customer comes in for an oil change and wants text updates, a lot of folks are uncomfortable giving out a personal number. Dialpad is perfect because we can just message them from the app.”

Kelly Winstrom
Director of IT

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