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Free video conferencing

Meetings are better when they are face to face. With Dialpad Ai Meetings' free plan, you get unlimited video conferences—and a fully unified communications platform if you need it. Sign up to try it out now!

Make your one-on-ones more personal, collaborate seamlessly with coworkers around the world, and create stronger relationships with clients no matter where you are.

With Dialpad Ai Meetings, you get unlimited video meetings.

Video conferencing with Dialpad Ai Meetings

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Any device, anytime

Whether you’re in different rooms, different continents, or different devices, you can join a video conference on Dialpad Ai Meetings using any device, from Mac to PC to iOS to Android. For hybrid teams and meetings, Dialpad’s video conferencing solutions for conference rooms give you a seamless experience for every attendee, whether they’re in the room or not.

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Robust meeting controls

Feeling camera-shy? Dialpad Ai Meetings gives every single meeting participant the ability to turn their turn video (and mic) functionality on or off at any time. So whether it’s bad lighting, bad hair, or just a bad time to be on camera, you can still participate in every meeting.

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Easy screen sharing

Share your whole screen, a window, a tab, or a specific document. With Dialpad, you can do screen sharing from any device. Your guests don't have to download the app either. Dialpad lets you send an SMS message with a link to your screen share, which they can join from a web browser!

Screenshot of Dialpad's API automatically turning off call recording when sensitive information is being shared

No meeting-crashers allowed

The host can mute participants, limit screen sharing, remove unwanted guests, admit guests from a virtual waiting room, and also lock the video conference. There's even an API that automatically pauses call recording if sensitive information, like payment details, are being discussed.

How to choose the best video conferencing solution

When it comes to choosing the best video conference solutions for your business, there are three main things to consider:

Make sure it’s scalable

The ability to scale usage up or down as needed is one of the biggest advantages of cloud video conferencing solutions. And with companies increasingly turning to remote employment and global hiring, the ability to quickly and easily onboard new employees is more important than ever.

With Dialpad's video conferencing solutions for business, whether you’re using the free plan or paid video conferencing plan, you can add and remove employees with a few clicks without IT help.

That means if your requirements grow unexpectedly, or you just need to meet a seasonal surge in demand, there’s no need to change your subscription or purchase expensive upgrades to your plan.

Double check its security and privacy features

Strong security is an essential requirement of online video conferencing solutions. Secure video conferencing solutions deploy a range of encryption and security measures to guarantee privacy in communications.

When you join a video conference with Dialpad, the connection is protected by DTLS, and once the conference begins, your audio and/or video is protected by SRTP, a secure protocol designed specifically for transferring media in real-time.

This applies to video conferencing room solutions too. The only thing is because these are custom setups, you probably will need your IT team's help with keeping conferences secure.

Ensure ease of use and adoption

Getting the right video conferencing software is one thing. You need to also make sure people are actually using the tool you choose. And the best way to guarantee adoption? Choose a platform that’s easy to use.

(Ease of use is an important factor for any business that’s deciding on the best way to set up video meetings, but it’s especially important when thinking about video conferencing solutions for small business, since you have limited resources and time. Because smaller companies tend not to have large IT budgets and dedicated tech teams, the best small business video conferencing solutions need to work straight out of the box.)

Try a video conferencing solution that gives you more than video meetings

Instead of having one tool for messaging, another for phone calls, and something separate for your video conferencing software, simplify things by using a unified communications platform that gives you all those different channels in one place.

That means less toggling back and forth between windows and tabs—and fewer subscription fees to pay every month.

Try video conferencing with Dialpad for free

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